Edwin Donayre: Photos Of The Former Congressman Disseminated In Requirements | Politics

Three days after the capture of former Congressman Edwin Donayre Gotzch, recorded photographs were disseminated following the efforts of the National Police personnel at the headquarters of the Department of Requirements, in La Victoria.

According to the images, to which the Republic had access, unlike the moment of his arrest, in which he was dressed in a navy blue diver and a light blue pole, former Peruvian Army general commander uses a long-lead lead pole and a light blue jean pants. The shoes are the same as the night they were captured.

First image of Edwin Donayre after his capture.


YOU CAN SEE Edwin Donayre: the manuscript that betrayed the location of the former congressman

During the proceedings, Donayre Gotzch told the Director of Police, General José Lavalle Santa Cruz: “Congratulations. I thought they would never catch me. ”

As reported by the Republic in its edition this Friday, the retired military also addressed the agents who arrested him when he said that if they managed to find his whereabouts it was "because they are good."

YOU CAN SEE Edwin Donayre: five police officers take care of the former congressman so he does not threaten his life

The former Legislator of the Alliance for Progress was a fugitive from justice since last May 2, after the plenary session of the now dissolved Congress of the Republic, at the request of the Supreme Court, lifted parliamentary immunity.

Against him weighs a sentence of 5 years of effective imprisonment for the crime of peculation in the so-called ‘Gasolinazo’.

Edwin Donayre, along with others involved, illegally appropriated 44 200 gallons of 84 octane gasoline and 129 800 D2 oil destined for the operation of vehicles in the South Military Region, between January and November 2006.