Edwin Luna And Kimberly Flores Pregnant? They Raise Suspicions With Photography

Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores pregnant? They raise suspicions with photography. | Instagram Special

Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores pregnant? They raise suspicions with photography on Instagram after showing a mysterious belly. His followers were the first to notice it but they themselves explain the situation.

And is that after undergoing eye surgery, Edwin Luna proudly boasted all his children, who helped his wife, Kimberly Flores, to take care of him while he recovered. Subsequently, the couple traveled to Mazatlan for a personal commitment where they were more in love than ever and the mystery arose.


Will they be pregnant again? Little Gianna is the daughter they both share, she is less than two years old. Kimberly Flores already had a child from a previous relationship while Edwin Luna with two children from previous relationships.

They don't rule out growing the family

Both Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores do not rule out growing the family because proudly one of the facets they enjoy most is being parents.

Even so, today they are focused on various personal projects and it is the most recurring theme they share on social networks. Just today, Kimberly Flores accompanied Edwin Luna to check the healing of his eyes after the surgery he underwent a few days ago, then took a look at a new project.

Neither Edwin Luna nor Kimberly Flores have talked about their supposed second pregnancy. The reality is that Kimberly takes good care of herself with healthy foods and long exercise routines, since the gym is rarely missing.

It could be that later they talk about the subject, or that simply the angle of the photograph has not favored Kimberly Flores who always presumes a sculptural figure. Either way, Edwin Luna is grateful to life for what it is today and the great blessing that is his whole family.