Edwin Luna To The Hospital, His Wife Kimberly Flores Talks About His State Of Health

Edwin Luna to the hospital, his wife Kimberly Flores talks about his state of health. | Instagram Special

Edwin Luna to the hospital, his wife Kimberly Flores talks about his state of health. And it is that the message that the singer shared on social networks unleashed all kinds of comments, because he tried to joke about the criticisms he has received after showing interest in taking care of his appearance, his wife has even been seen wearing makeup.

By now Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores are already accustomed to criticism, so after ignoring them they have chosen to talk about them with humor and respect for their followers. Thus, the Mexican interpreter revealed details of his recent surgery:


To touch up :] here we are back with my #Doctor excellent day full of blessings to all.

#AmoMiVida #AmoMiFamilia

It is not surgery in beauty I have hahaha because after they say you are going to remove your face Indian hahahaha but I have it well of Mexican blood that I do not take it away hahaha

Kimberly Flores’s comments

It was through his Instagram stories that Kimberly Flores, wife of Edwin Luna, revealed that he had undergone eye surgery, a laser surgery that he would recover from in a short time, but being the first hours after procedure should rest and take some medications.

Hours later Edwin Luna was able to return to social networks showing his rapid recovery. We were able to see his youngest daughter, Gianna, playing with her medication boxes and because of the sound of her voice, we assumed that Edwin Luna felt much better in health.

Previously Kimberly Flores revealed that the couple and their children would go to Mazatlan to be godparents of a girl they esteemed a lot and we could also see how it was arranged, showing their great gifts of style.

During the flight, Kimberly Flores and Edwin Luna were seen in their facet of parents, one of the most enjoyed as a couple. In addition to Gianna and Damiancito, they were also accompanied by Edwin’s eldest daughter, Dasha Luna.