Eight memorable moments from the day Joe Biden assumed the presidency of the United States

Eight Memorable Moments From The Day Joe Biden Assumed The Presidency Of The United States

The administration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris took office on Wednesday as the new government of the United States of America.

Joseph R. Biden became the 46th president of the United States. Meanwhile, Kamala Harris made history by becoming the first African-American and first woman to hold the vice presidency of the American nation.

But the historic day began with events early in the morning, such as the departure of Donald Trump from the White House.


Next, we recap the important moments of this January 20 in Washington DC

Donald Trump leaves the White House

Early in the morning, Trump left the White House for the last time. Holding the hand of his wife Melania, he walked towards the Marine One helicopter, which would take him to Andrews Base.

There, after a brief farewell ceremony, he boarded Air Force One bound for Mar-A-Lago, Florida. Trump broke with tradition by not attending Biden’s inauguration.

Melania Trump says goodbye

During the brief farewell ceremony at Andrews Base, Trump handed the microphone over to First Lady Melania Trump, who delivered a short message to those present.

“Being your First Lady has been my great honor. They will be in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you all, God bless your families, and God bless this beautiful nation, “said Melania Trump before receiving a round of applause.

Lady Gaga sings America’s anthem

Dressed in the colors of the flag and sporting a dove of peace, Lady Gaga marked the start of the inauguration ceremony when she sang the United States anthem.

His performance earned him a strong applause from those present at the Capitol, who also congratulated him on having been at the ceremony.

The pop singer highlighted that she dressed with a dove, which carries an olive branch, as a symbol of peace and union. In addition, he published a message on his Twitter and Instagram accounts in which he described this day as “a day of peace for all Americans. A day of love, not hate. A day for acceptance, not for fear ”.

Kamala Harris sworn in as first female Vice President

Kamala Harris was sworn in today as the first African-American and the first woman to hold the vice presidency of the United States.

“I solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bring true faith and loyalty to it ”, were part of his words. Harris was sworn in by Judge Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina justice on the federal Supreme Court.

Jennifer López dazzles at the ceremony

The Puerto Rican singer Jennifer López performed the song “The Land of your Land” and a part of “America the Beautiful.”

However, in addition to showing off her beautiful dress, the “Diva del Bronx” surprised the audience during the middle of her presentation after declaring in Spanish: “A nation under God, indivisible with freedom and justice”, alluding to the inclusion of the Latinos in the new administration.

JLo showed up just before Biden’s swearing-in.

Biden sworn in as the 46th president of the United States

At about 12:48 p.m., Joseph R. Biden became the 46th president of the United States. The moment of the swearing in was marked by a snowfall that began to fall in the federal capital where the temperature was in the low 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Biden vowed to safeguard the duties of the Office of the President of the United States. His swearing-in occurred amid a massive patrol by thousands of police and soldiers, in the face of threats from Pro Trump groups, and high numbers of deaths from COVID-19.

Biden delivers message calling for unity

After being sworn in, Biden delivered his first speech as president. Biden asserted that it is the duty of every American citizen, but especially its democratically elected leaders, “to defend the truth and defeat the lie.”

“Democracy won,” he added. “The voice of the people has been heard and the voice of the people has been respected. We have learned again that democracy is invaluable, that democracy is fragile. At this time, my friends, democracy won ”, added the president.

“This is America’s day. This is the day of democracy. It is a day of history and hope, of renewal and dedication, ”he exclaimed.

Young poet Amanda Gorman dazzles

Poet Amanda Gorman, selected to read at the ceremony, cited grim and triumphant images Wednesday as she declared to the world that “even when we cry, we grow.”

In language that made reference to Holy Scripture and at times to the oratory of John F. Kennedy and the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., Gorman, 22, urgently and assertively read a text that began by asking “Where can we find light / in this endless darkness? ”, and used his own poetry and life story as an answer. The very title of the poem, “The Hill We Climb,” suggested both work and significance.

“We did not feel prepared to be the heirs

of such a terrible moment.

But in him we have found the power

To write a new chapter,

To offer ourselves hope and laughter ”.



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