Eiza González Determined To Take The Throne From Maleficent, But Sexier And With a Great Cleavage

Eiza González determined to take the throne from Maleficent, but sexier and with a great cleavage | Instagram special photo

Angelina Jolie, she did it again, she is one of the great and Maleficent is one of the best real versions of Disney. The sleeping beauty was left behind when Brad Pitt's ex loved the screen. But do you now have your Mexican competition? As you read it, Eiza González determined to take away the throne, but more sexy and with a great cleavage.

The Mexican actress, Eiza González, did not mind getting up to one of the greats. It should be noted that Malefice raised no less than 800 million, how about?


It seems that Eiza already liked the American world. And it is that the actress shared in her stories an event in which she decided to dress as the character of Angelina Jolie.

Eiza González determined to take the throne from Maleficent

Of course, the costume party was full of celebrities, until Justin Bieber, slipped into place. However, Eiza González, stole the eyes.

To begin with, his great election was very timely with the recent premiere of Maleficent 2, because, everyone has it in mind. What nobody can deny is that it gave a very sensual touch.

With everything and the horns, this is how Eiza González looked, but with a more tailored outfit than Maleficent. In addition, he showed his great attributes with a pronounced neckline.

That he took the paper seriously, he did so, staring at the camera and with his evil face he smiles mischievously while they record it.

Well, who do you think looks better?

Although Angelina Jolie is 15 years older than Eiza González, at 44, she is still one of the most beautiful and beloved actresses in cinema. In addition, we see that little by little it is recovering its curves, well, we had seen it very thin.

Of course, we do not take credit for the beautiful Eiza, but Maleficent there is only one and the public loves her.