El Paso, A Safe City Beyond The Specter Of Racism

El Paso, a Safe City Beyond The Specter Of Racism

Jorge Fuentelsas

El Paso, USA (WABNEWS) – Residents of El Paso, Texas, USA argue for their city’s gentle character and the security that reigns on its streets in the face of far-right American xenophobic narratives. ing. In every immigration crisis, border areas are portrayed as chaotic zones infested with criminal immigrants and smugglers.


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, one of the most racist within the Republican Party, said, “Last year, about 100 known terrorists were arrested illegally across the border, and several more entered the country without being detected. No one knows,” he said on Twitter.

Immigrants camp near the Church of the Sacred Heart in El Paso, Texas, USA today. WABNEWS/Jorge Fuentelsaz

For Greg Abbott, refugees are synonymous with crime, drug and arms trafficking. U.S. President Joe Biden “would like to welcome illegal immigrants to the red carpet,” he said.

The repercussions of his racist remarks are amplified by hundreds of far-right media outlets such as Infowars. Where his collaborator Owen Shroyer covered the final wave of immigrants registered at the southern border due to the lifting of Title 42.

When Border Patrol transferred hundreds of migrants detained at Gate 42 of the border fence Thursday night to a facility for processing, Mr. Schroyer didn’t hesitate to establish a live connection and assert that the Texas National Guard was cooperating. bottom. In human smuggling operations.

El Paso, a quiet and safe city

But the border city of El Paso, which has seen the highest number of immigrant detentions in eight months, is far from the devastating image politicians like Abbott are trying to create.

According to Smart Asset, a company that compiles rankings of the safest cities in the country. El Paso ranks him 12th among the cities with the lowest crime per inhabitant in the United States, and McAllen, Texas, is her third safest city.

“The immigration crisis has put our neighborhood in the spotlight, which is unfortunately not real. In fact, we are the safest big city in America. , the media presents our region as a lawless and violent border because of the immigration crisis,” John Barrera, president of the Border Press Alliance, told WABNEWS.

Immigrants stock up next to the Church of the Sacred Heart in El Paso, Texas (USA) on May 13, 2023. WABNEWS/Jorge Fuentelsaz
Immigrants stock up next to the Church of the Sacred Heart in El Paso, Texas, USA. WABNEWS/Jorge Fuentelsaz

Barrera, the unsuccessful Republican candidate for Congress, also disagrees with Biden’s immigration policies. “We desperately need bipartisan immigration rules, long-term immigration solutions,” he said.

From his office in El Paso, which overlooks the border and the headquarters of the mayor’s office in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico, he argues that one of the main obstacles to solving the immigration problem is the fact that immigration is a problem. . It’s getting very emotional on both sides of the political arena. “

In this way, he recommends “put your emotions aside and get to what’s best for this country and the people looking for work there.”

“Immigration is the future”

Javier Garcia, owner of a hardware store in Oregon for 20 years, is less than 50 meters from the Church of the Sacred Heart. Nearly 1,000 refugees had arrived at the camp this week, most before turning themselves in to authorities. Immigration is the future of America.

“They have children and the fact that immigrants travel with small families is fine. That’s the future of the country,” said Garcia. Young Americans complain of fewer and fewer children and more dogs and cats.

Oregon hardware store owner Javier Garcia poses during an interview with WABNEWS on May 13, 2023 in El Paso, Texas (USA). WABNEWS/Jorge Fuentelsaz
Oregon hardware store owner Javier Garcia poses during an interview with WABNEWS in El Paso, Texas (USA). WABNEWS/Jorge Fuentelsaz

The Mexican-born iron merchant swears he has never had a safety problem. “El Paso has always been considered one of the quietest cities in the country,” and he doesn’t hesitate to describe Abbott as racist.

“First of all, he doesn’t care about the situation in El Paso. The situation was politicized, and in the end it was the immigrants who suffered.”

“Disappointing Distortion”

Fernando Garcia, director of the NGO Borders Network of Human Rights, added: “Today El Paso is one of the safest cities in the country, even safer than Austin, Texas, where Governor Greg Abbott lives. ” he claims.

“But they paint our community as a community of turmoil and violence, which is not true. , and they use it as the big truth: there is a massive criminal invasion of this country. rights activist told the WABNEWS.


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