El Salvador Announces Its First Virtual Casino

El Salvador not only has a virtual currency, bitcoin, but will soon also launch its first virtual casino, according to Mónica Taher, director of international technology and economic affairs for El Salvador. The information was also confirmed by Astro Babies, the company in charge of the project, according to the company, the casino will also have a physical branch in the country. Astro Babies explained that in the virtual version of the casino you can buy and sell in NFT (non-fungible tokens). Taher, who gave the details through his Twitter account, explained that the project will be called Astro Casino. Although he has not yet revealed where the physical infrastructure of the project will be located, the video shared in his tweet shows that it will have slot machines and table games. In addition, the place will have a lobby, bar, restaurant and a VIP area. Connect with the ! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and activate notifications, or follow us on social networks: Facebook, Twitter

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