El Salvador Registers More Than 1,300 Deaths In Road Accidents In 2019

San Salvador, Dec 24 (EFE) .- The road safety authorities in El Salvador register more than 1,300 people killed so far in 2019 in the 19,608 traffic accidents reported, the National Civil Police (PNC) said Tuesday.

The security body, which did not indicate whether these figures represent an increase or decrease compared to 2018, said that during this period there were also 10,650 injured on the roads.

On the other hand, the source said that in the current year the security agents have arrested 2,087 people for driving while intoxicated.


These arrests were mainly carried out on roadblocks to 'counteract road mishaps caused by dangerous driving.'

Road deaths tend to increase in El Salvador during holiday periods, such as Easter and New Year's Eve.

According to the PNC Traffic Division, many of the 'major impact' accidents that cause injuries and deaths are the responsibility of drunk drivers.

Upon detecting 50 milligrams of blood alcohol, traffic authorities fine the offenders with $ 57.14, and with more than 99 milligrams of blood alcohol proceed to the arrest.

The Legislative Assembly of the Central American country analyzes the reform of the Law on Land Transportation, Traffic and Road Safety to increase the cost of traffic fines for drivers who drive drunk and cause accidents up to $ 4,000.

Another of the changes proposed is 'to establish more stringent requirements for businessmen and drivers of public transport, in order to avoid road accidents caused by the negligence of bus drivers'.

The proposals for reforms to this law were presented by political parties present in the Legislative Assembly and by the Vice Ministry of Transportation to 'tighten' the sanctions and avoid traffic accidents. EFE