Elba Esther Sells Her Mansion In San Diego

Tijuana, BC.— Elba Esther Gordillo Morales sold the property she held in the exclusive subdivision of Coronado Cays, in San Diego, California, United States, to the company 1 Green Turtle LCC, at 3.75 million dollars.

Sources of the Gordillo family confirmed to EL UNIVERSAL the transaction and affirmed that it is part of a rearrangement that the former union leader is doing of her assets.

“Rare opportunity! Build the house of your dreams in the prestigious Cay Coronado! ”, Offered on its website one of the real estate companies responsible for selling the mansion that Gordillo Morales left practically abandoned and in full construction, after his arrest, occurred in February 2013 .


THE UNIVERSAL confirmed with the San Diego Public Registry that the deed with the number 615-100-14-00 states that on November 15 the company 1 Green Turtle LCC acquired the property located at 1 Green Turtle Road, Coronado, California , 92118. In that document, the address for the tax return is accompanied by the name of Emilio Hank.

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San Diego County reports that the mansion was purchased by the former union leader's family on August 3, 2010 through the Comercializadora TTS México, S.A. de C.V., whose majority shareholder was Gordillo Morales' mother, Zoila Estel a Ochoa Morales.

The property of Elba Esther Gordillo, located in the exclusive subdivision of Coronado Cays, in San Diego, California, was on sale since February of this year. Photo: ARCHIVO EL UNIVERSAL

For his new sale, the person responsible for signing the transaction was Luis Antonio Lagunas Gutiérrez, current Gordillo couple, through a document certified by a notary from that county who legally authorized him to sell the property, where the former director of the National Trade Union of Education workers (SNTE) slept occasionally when traveling to the north of the country.

The company 1 Green Turtle LCC bought the property for 3 million 750 thousand dollars. This company is registered on the official website of the California State Secretariat, in the section of companies under the Limited Liability Company (LCC) regime, whose service agent appears under the name of Emilio Hank, with the address of 420 Stevens Ave. 310, Solana Beach, CA, 92075.

In the same direction —420 Stevens Ave. 310, Solana Beach, CA, 92075— the company Hamco Expeditions LLC was registered, whose service agent is Guido Murguía, who is identified as financial director of Caliente Interactive, while Emilio Hank , son of the former mayor of Tijuana and betting mogul Jorge Hank Rhon, is the president and chief executive officer.

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It is a lot of 8,500 square feet (789.67 square meters) with panoramic views of San Diego Bay and Mexico, with two boat docks.

The architectural plan included the construction of more than seven rooms, more than eight bathrooms, vaulted ceilings, a main room with sauna and bathroom, elevator, swimming pool, spa, as well as staff rooms and a pool control room.

This property, along with another located at number 23 of Green Turtle Road, also in Coronado Cays, in San Diego, became notorious after Gordillo Morales was arrested in February 2013.

The property was on sale at least since February 2019 and the price that was requested, according to the real estate pages, was 4.5 million dollars.