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Eleazar Gómez’s Lawyer Resigns From The Case; This Is The Reason

The actor’s former lawyer says the hearing has been delayed due to the coronavirus

Froylán Diaz , who until November legally represented Eleazar Gómez after the complaint of violence filed against him by the actor’s former partner, Tefi Valenzuela, revealed that the hearing that was scheduled for January 6 could be held until March.

In interview for the program Come the joyEleazar’s former lawyer commented that due to the times of the pandemic the dates of the hearings have been delayed, a scenario that has undoubtedly played against the actor.

“As the times are, I think it will go until March, I could not tell you, but, as the times are, it is most likely,” he told Come the Joy.

Froylán Díaz reported that Eleazar is impatient with this situation. “I see him desperate. There is going to be a penalty and that is going to have to be fulfilled ”. The lawyer also confessed that the artist has received support from close people in these months. “They have been visiting him, he is not alone, he has never been alone from t he beginning and he is desperate, the pandemic affected him, but hopefully he will come out soon.”

On the other hand, Froylán Díaz announced that he decided to abandon the case of Eleazar Gomez for health reasons; However, he continues to advise the actor’s new lawyers so that his case is resolved in the best way.

“Since December I am no longer in charge of the Eleazar case. For health reasons I had to retire; in fact, I’m no longer in Mexico, “he told Come the joy.
The matter is the best hands; I will continue to support as best I can but there are already people who are in charge of the investigation ”, he assured.

Eleazar Gómez was arrested in November 2020 for hitting and trying to strangle his girlfriend, the Peruvian model Stephanie Valenzuela. After a few days, the actor of projects like Dare to dream He was transferred to the North Prison where he is until now, as a judge who is following his case decided not to grant him the conditional release he was seeking. The actor is accused of equated family violence.

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