Election Officials In The United States Are Uneasy About Threats

Election authorities in various states said they were concerned Thursday for the safety of their personnel due to threats and protests by angry protesters outside various precincts, generated by President Donald Trump’s unfounded assertions that there was widespread fraud in the race for the White House.

“I can tell you that my wife and my mother are very concerned about me,” said Joe Gloria, Clerk of Clark County, Nevada, which covers Las Vegas. He said his staff were beefing up security and tracking vehicles entering or leaving electoral offices.

However, he added that nothing will stop him and other officials from “doing their duty and counting the ballots.”


Groups of Trump supporters have gathered at vote tabulation centers in Phoenix, Detroit and Philadelphia, discrediting the polls that show Joe Biden at the helm or gaining ground.

Although the protests have not been violent or very large, local authorities were distressed and concerned in the face of the incessant accusations. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel called in a tweet to “stop harassing calls and threats” against her staff.

“Asking them to put Sharpie markers in awkward places is never appropriate and is a sad comment on the state of our nation,” Nessel wrote, referring to a false theory that Trump supporters were asked to fill out ballots with markers of that brand and not with ordinary pens to prevent the machines from counting their votes.

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, speaking to CNN, said her main concern was staff safety, although police were providing protection. He noted that the protesters were “causing delays and interruptions and preventing employees from doing their jobs.”

On Thursday, about 100 Trump supporters gathered outside the Maricopa County Election Center in Phoenix. Authorities installed barriers to create a “free expression zone” and keep the entrance to the building open. The crowd chanted “Count the votes” and “Four more years,” while complaining about the voting process.

In Atlanta, about 100 Trump supporters shouted slogans outside the State Farm Arena as the scrutiny continued. Several Atlanta cops were guarding the scene.

Tom Haas, 50, who said he came from Chicago and was visiting Atlanta on business, declared that Trump had won the election. “Electoral fraud is evident, and it has its origin in the big cities controlled by the Democrats,” he said. “Atlanta is one of them.”

“Our democracy is under attack,” he said, repeating Trump’s words. “We are losing the United States because we are losing transparent elections for the nation.”

In Detroit, a few dozen Trump supporters gathered outside the city’s convention center Thursday morning as poll workers counted mailed ballots. The protesters held signs that read “Stop Robbing” and “Stop Cheating.”



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