Elections 2019: Matías Lammens Made An Unprecedented Election For The K, But Was Very Far From The Ballot – 10/28/2019

The illusion ended Matías Lammens at about 19. There, on the terrace of his house, surrounded by friends and his campaign team, cell phones, connected to their chargers, did not stop receiving the counts of the first tables witness. And the numbers were clear from that moment until they met officially, already in the bunker: the dream of forcing the ballot in the City of Buenos Aires was far, much farther than I thought. But the bad taste of defeat found a more than special sweetness by making a historic choice for Kirchnerism and positioning itself as the leader of the All Front in Federal Capital.

The result of the STEP had emboldened Lammens, who hoped to get into the second round. Until past 18, in fact, there was optimism in his intimate circle, which bet that the candidate of Together for Change, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, did not exceed 49 percent. However, this Sunday, the difference with the current head of government, whom he called on the phone to congratulate him, deepened considerably. The main cause for his environment is found in Mauricio Macri's rebound: "We did not expect him to grow so much in the district."

“We made a great, historic election with almost 700 thousand voters. Beyond not having achieved the ballot, this gives us strength to build for the future, ”he told Clarin Lammens, who did not go on the triumphant stage of the K bunker in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Chacarita. "Alberto, Cristina and those of the Province went up nothing more", was the explanation given by those in charge of logistics. And now? He still did not speak formally, but surely the lawyer and businessman of 39 years is part of the cabinet of the new government in charge of the Ministry of Sports and Tourism.


The day had begun with good signs for Lammens. As soon as he set foot on the door of his house, there on Dorrego Street in the Palermo neighborhood, the president of San Lorenzo heard the honk. “Come on Matthias, eh! Look, I'm from Hurricane, but I voted for you, ”said a taxi driver waving the ticket from the Frente de Todos through the window. It was 10.30 in the morning and the candidate of the Kirchner for the City of Buenos Aires started the way to the school No. 6 "Vicente Fidel López", located on Avenida Santa Fe 5039.

He had already had some mates and some toast with his wife, the doctor of Social Sciences Mariana Gené, and his daughter Ana, 4, who was worried that a tooth was moving. On his phone, one of the first messages he read as soon as he opened his eyes was from Alberto Fernández. "You did everything right," Fernandez said, with whom he kept in constant contact throughout the campaign.

With the worn-out sneakers he uses from cabal on every important day, Lammens cast his vote at 10.45. On the second floor of the school, at the same time that the envelope entered the ballot box, the Police had to separate two citizens who almost took themselves with fists because one was delayed long in the dark room and the one outside was waiting for Enter insulted him when he left. In any case, Lammens, surrounded by journalists and neighbors, did not find out anything since he suffered on the ground floor.

The smile was drawn in the middle of the interviews when Flaca, his wife, showed him the cell phone that reflected the photo of Anita's face, who stayed with the aunt, with her mouth open: her first tooth had fallen at that moment. Voting to pick up the girl for a walk in the neighborhood square before lunch with friends. Same itinerary as in the STEP, but with a special seasoning. A friend of Lammens of the elementary school, who lives in Spain, came especially to cast his vote and visit him.

Sunday did not end as he imagined, but he will seek to stare at the horizon to capitalize on his first participation in the arenas of politics.