Elections United States: Republicans Win House By Smallest Margin | Us Elections

Elections United States: Republicans Win House By Smallest Margin | US Elections

Election night ended in election week. Eight days after his in-person polls closed, the poll Wednesday night in California’s 27th District saw Mike Garcia win his 218th seat, tipping control of the House to the Republicans. I was. The Senate, whose winner was announced last Saturday, will be dominated by Democrats for the next two years. They have 50 of his 100 seats. Presented to Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker in Georgia. The results of the midterm congressional elections in the United States were a historic disappointment for conservatives, who were convinced the appointments followed the usual script and would end in a far more severe defeat for the party in power.

But a Republican takeover of the House would have immense consequences for President Joe Biden, who must face an unprecedented scenario. He arrived at the White House promising to unite the country and show that it is possible to work bipartisanly, but the general atmosphere of divisiveness was ahead of him, with a The two years that have begun do not invite optimism.The Republican arrives with plans to torpedo his political agenda. And for this they have already chosen a submarine helmsman. Kevin McCarthy, California Congressman. If all goes well, he will be Speaker of the House from January.


“Last week’s election showed the strength and resilience of American democracy,” Biden said, adding that AP, CNN and NBC had finally lost one of the 10 seats yet to be ruled on. He said in a statement sent by the White House shortly after making the prediction. “Congratulations to Leader McCarthy on the Republican Party winning a majority in the House, and we stand ready to achieve results for families who work with Republicans to (…) get involved in the political battle. The future is too bright.The American people want us to work together so we can focus on the issues that matter to them and improve their lives.And whether you’re a Republican or not. I will work with anyone willing and able to get results with me, even if they are Democrats.”

On Monday night, Republicans won a handful of congressional elections in Arizona, New York and California, putting them within one seat of the House’s 218-seat requirement (435 total, the same number of districts as the United States adds). . ). While that was going on, Democratic candidate for governor of Arizona, Kate Dobbs, was dealing another blow by beating out Trumpist rising star Kari Lake. It’s headed to the state and California, with districts such as District 3 only 60% of the canvas remaining on Wednesday night, waiting for all votes by mail.

Analysts expect the Republican majority to reach 221 seats and the Democrats to 214 if the recount is not completed, which California officials have given another 30 days to do. This allocation allows them, as a first step, to nominate Speaker of the House and evict veteran Nancy Pelosi, one of the black beasts of American conservatism. Twice (from 2007 she until 2011, and since 2019). On Tuesday, the Conservatives handpicked Kevin McCarthy among the expected candidates among themselves (188 in favor, 31 against).

He can’t even uncork his champagne yet.The real test will come in January, when the entire Maison will vote for him. Undaunted by the nearness of his four-year ambitions, McCarthy told reporters: Indeed, Democrats won a net 41 seats in Congress in the 2018 midterm elections, but in 2010 Republicans won his 61 seats from the opposition.

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In another demonstration that Congress is following an unexpected script, the sword is held high in the Senate as well, with Rick Scott (Florida) announcing his intention to challenge former Republican leader Mitch McConnell in the House on Tuesday. did. McConnell, who has targeted accountability hunters for the recent election debacle, rose to the challenge Wednesday by rallying enough votes to stay in office. Battleground states clashed over the best way to fund candidates across the country.

Republicans, who have taken control of the House, want to launch a plot to disrupt President Joe Biden’s agenda. Launch investigations into issues such as coronavirus origins and impeachment (among which they are proposing political Juniper to Biden himself, Vice President Kamala Harris, or Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorcas) . Ends other investigations, such as the one conducted around the January 6th attack on the Capitol and cornered Donald Trump. .

If there was one place that gave the Republicans the House of Representatives’ alimony, it was New York, where their opponents were heavily defeated. 4 The seat color changed from liberal blue to conservative red. Chief among these was Patrick Sean, the head of the Democratic National Campaign who, on the night of November 8, experienced the best of times (because of the results his strategy had across the country) and the worst of times. It’s his Maloney thing. times (for a personal blow to his campaign). New York is a traditionally progressive state, but voters say the overly liberal stance of some candidates and their commitment to focusing on Republican crime have made some of the most senior offices. It ended up taking casualties despite holding the .Governor and Attorney General.

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