ELECTORAL CAMPAIGN – War On Twitter For The Latino Vote Between Trump And Biden Campaigns

Are you going for the Latino vote? Well, I steal the slogan and use it to open a Twitter account. It is the last tactic of the re-election campaign of US President Donald Trump against Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who has responded with "a dose of his own medicine."

When the former vice president and favorite in the Democratic race to the White House presented "Everyone with Biden," a national network of Latino supporters on Wednesday, Trump's campaign saw a golden opportunity to trodle his rival and attract, in passing, the attention of Hispanic voters.

When verifying that the web domain todosconBiden.com was free, Trump's campaign bought it "for a minimal cost" to make fun of the Democratic candidate, a source from the team working for the president's re-election told Efe on Thursday.


"Oops, Joe forgot about Latinos" is the message that appears in huge letters, in English and Spanish, as soon as someone opens the website, allegedly with the goal of learning more about the proposals for Hispanics of the former vice president.

The simple portal contains links to the "Latinos for Trump" website, the president's campaign arm dedicated to seeking the Hispanic vote.

"The Biden campaign remains inept," said Trump campaign deputy communication director Erin Perrine.

"Latinos are doing great with President Trump in power and now thanks to the Biden campaign, people can learn more about that success at www.todosconbiden.com," Perrine added in a statement sent to Efe.

The Republican team did not stay there, and also seized the Twitter user with the same name, @todosconBiden.

His tweets question the immigration policy in which Biden participated when he was vice president and denounce that the now candidate was "all smiles" when he met in 2015 with Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, although the White House said then that he had asked him to release to political prisoners in Venezuela.

Biden's campaign defined the trick as a "clown" to "divert attention from Trump's atrocious history," who "separates families and uses immigrants as scapegoats, fosters hatred and white supremacy," he told Efe the spokeswoman of the democrat for Hispanic media, Isabel Aldunate.

However, the former vice president's team did not want to miss the opportunity to counterattack with what he called "a dose of his own medicine," and this Thursday he appropriated the Twitter user @VamostoVictory, the motto of an initiative launched by the team. Trump on the occasion of the recently concluded Hispanic Heritage month.

"If these silly tricks are what it takes for people to pay attention to important things for Latinos, we can also get hold of Twitter accounts (Seriously, who happens to take over the username of another campaign without make sure they have yours?) ", says one of the first tweets.

The account also reminds that Biden sweeps the intention of voting among Hispanics: a Univision survey published in September indicates that 71% would support him if he faced Trump in 2020, who would only receive 15% of Latino support.

The Vamostovictory.com website also leads to a portal against Trump created in July by the Latino Democratic political action group Victory Fund, which is independent of Biden.

But nobody wins Trump in a mud fight, and his campaign's communications director, Tim Murtaugh, hastened to remember that the "Vamos to Victory" initiative is no longer active, because it ended last week at the end of the month of Hispanic Heritage.

"Once again, Biden's campaign is late for the party. We would advise them to save money, which we have heard that they are running out of resources," Murtaugh told Efe.

Biden's team did not want to remain unanswered: "Unlike Trump's campaign, our commitment to the Latino community is not limited to one month a year," Aldunate replied to Efe.

Beyond the dialectical clash, the contest on Twitter reflected the importance that both campaigns give to the Latino vote, which Trump trusts to retain the key state of Florida and with which the Democrats count on not staying at the doors of the White House , as happened to Hillary Clinton in 2016.



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