Electrophysiology Makes An Instant Impact On The Quality Of Life Of The Cardiac Patient

I have realized that electrophysiology procedures, unlike other procedures that are carried out in cardiology, often have an instant impact on the quality of life of the patient. José Manuel Marcial Suárez, cardiologist specializing in electrophysiology.

Marcela Moreno Wilches
Latin Agency for News Medicine and Public Health

Dr. José Manuel Marcial Suárez, is a Puerto Rican cardiologist with a sub-specialty in electrophysiology who from childhood began to feel passion for medicine, for his own pleasure, in addition to the fact that at the family level, his father was a radiologist and his grandfather a pathologist.


When he entered medical school, he began to learn about the different branches and cardiology always caught his attention, as he saw it as a more palpable subject, since he was clear that he did not want to spend his days behind a desk.

To specialize in electrophysiology, he found much more special qualities “When one understands what is happening with the heart’s electrical network, how to intervene, how to diagnose, it really becomes a magical branch,” the specialist told MSP. it was a perfect match with another of his passions, technology.

Between his rotation through different areas, even going through childbirth, he chose the specialty that he is passionate about today and allows him to be one of the few electrophysiologists found on the island.

During the specialty of cardiology, which he carried out under the tutelage of the University of Puerto Rico, at the University Hospital and at the Cardiovascular Center of Puerto Rico, he gradually learned the importance of the heart’s electrical system, and found that it was a field not so involved with chemicals and medicines, but rather, more palpable.

“The electrophysiology specialty is a combination of general cardiology and interventional cardiology, not in the sense that I unclog arteries, but higher risk procedures, to heal patients. I have come to the conclusion, now as a private practice practitioner, that many times the procedures were for the good of the patient, but they did not affect the quality of life of the patient, the survival of the patient is considered, to avoid heart attacks or the weakening of the heart, but many times an improvement in that quality of life is not seen ”, explained the specialist.

Many patients get used to the pain or the symptoms, but after the procedures they realize that they had become used to feeling something, and this fills Dr. Marcial, knowing that they actually had an improvement in their quality of life after the interventions that he and his colleagues perform.

“I have realized that electrophysiology procedures, unlike other procedures carried out in cardiology, often have an instant impact on the quality of life of the patient, so yes, we do procedures to save life. I do it all the time, but I have noticed that the impact that I have made in the lives of patients, that what really matters to them is to feel good, just like a cancer patient, that the most What matters to him is that they take away the pain, so electrophysiology is not only challenging in terms of knowledge and the interventions that are very sophisticated, but it is very very humanizing because it has to refine that medical judgment, to the level that I always have to be inquiring with the patient how he feels, does not become something mechanized like giving pressure pills, or for diabetes, aspirin, mallita, but rather, one has to always be inquiring aspects of the patient’s life ”,

explained the cardiologist.

Such a personal approach with the patient and focusing on the quality of life never becomes automatic, there is always the component of closeness with the patient and this is key for this doctor to enjoy his profession on a day-to-day basis.

“There is no branch in all of medicine that is as technological as electrophysiology, here we are dealing with the creation of three-dimensional maps of the heart, on the internet you can see an electrophysiology center, with multiple screens and it is almost like a science fiction movie, every year there is something new and the companies that are involved in this field move quickly ”, he told MSP excitedly.

Hundreds of patients have been seen by the specialist who describes his interventions as a fruitful practice. In addition, he is considered the main electrophysiologist of the Mennonite hospital network, where he works with cardiologists and general practitioners from all over Puerto Rico.

“Although I am very young, I feel very honored to be able to serve the patients of this town and the surrounding municipalities, including for the reason that my grandfather was born here, so it is with a cycle that I am closing, if he were alive, no I could imagine how he would be feeling, ”he said.

Your personal and professional future

“What I want is to have a healthy practice, always integrated, always ethical, never desensitizing us as can happen in other specialties, I believe that mine, if I exercise it as it should be, that problem will never occur, always in mind my patients, my family, my practices and the health system that supports me, which is the Mennonite ”, said the specialist.

In this field there is so much work that the family should never be neglected, so Dr. Marcial is clear about his approach and his only wish “if I ask the universe for something, it is that I am always attached and taking care of my family and that I always find time for them, it is a challenge for my branch, but we are going to achieve it, it is a very important balance ”, he concluded.