Eliminate Warts With Effective Home Remedy

Do not attempt to remove a wart by cutting it, burning it, breaking it or tearing it off.

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Warts or stingies are small, rough, harmless lumps that do not hurt, can spread to other parts of the body and are also contagious.


These granular bumps on the skin that appear most often on the fingers or hands, are caused by a virus and are transmitted by touch or through shared objects, such as files, towels or cloths.

According to Mayo Clinic, there are more than 150 types of human papillomavirus, but only a few cause warts on the hands.

Common warts disappear on their own, it can be in a period of two to six months, up to two years. They should be removed before to prevent them from spreading and spreading to other people.

Before we want to remove a wart we have to be sure that they are common warts and not about malignant bumps.

Do not attempt to remove a wart by cutting it, burning it, breaking it or tearing it off. Specialists do not recommend home remedies that irritate, inflame or leave scars and do not work. However, there is a home remedy of which they recognize its effectiveness, it is garlic.

G arlic Remedy

Dermatologist Mabel Ávila explains the application:

Crush garlic
Apply on the wart
Cover the area with skin adhesive tape
The next day disinfect and reapply

Garlic has substances that inhibit the division of the virus and the proliferation of damaged skin cells.

Some people see results between the second and fifth day. Try for a month, if it doesn’t work, see your doctor.

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It should be mentioned that garlic components also have antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

When to consult the doctor
When warts hurt or change their appearance and color. It is normal for common warts to have blackheads, which are small blood vessels of coagulated blood.
You are not sure they are warts
When removed, they reappear or spread
Growths are annoying and interfere with your activities
How to prevent common warts
Avoid direct contact with warts. This includes your own warts.
Do not tear off the warts. This can spread the virus.
Do not use the same nail file, pumice stone or nail clipper you use on healthy nails and skin on warts. Use a disposable nail file.
Do not bite your fingernails. Warts appear more frequently on cracked skin. Removing the skin around the fingernails facilitates the spread of the virus.
Be careful with the toilet. Avoid brushing, cutting or shaving areas that have warts. If you must shave, use an electric shaver.
Other types of warts
Plantar warts, which appear on the soles of the feet
Genital warts, a sexually transmitted disease
Flat warts, which appear in places where you frequently shave

Do not use over-the-counter medications for warts on the face or genitals. Warts in these areas need special treatment directed by a doctor.