“eliminating The Descent Is A Right Decision”: Specialists

“Eliminating The Descent Is a Right Decision”: Specialists

Mexican clubs lose ground at an economic level compared to the rest of the world, so the decision to pause the decline for five years in the MX League is considered “right” by specialists close to football and from a business point of view, before the universal panorama and the national situation, in which the country registers an economic growth of zero percent.

“I think the Liga MX is doing it, from the business point of view, for future survival and growth. It is the right thing and more because we have to analyze the country where we play. The non-descent will help strengthen the teams, to have more investment in infrastructure, because what do you invest if you go to the descent, but it will also bring a sports theme, which in the medium term can hit in having Mexican players less competitive, that is a reality, as is the case in the United States, ”says Javier Salinas, former director of marketing and marketing for Liga MX.

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In the annual report published by Soccerex, an English company dedicated to analyzing business in football, the MX League every year loses positions among the 100 most powerful clubs in the world. In three years, Mexican football went from showing off 10 clubs among the strongest economic to only having three, which are Monterrey, America and Chivas. For its part, the MLS, went from having 11 franchises in that ranking to stand out with 17 in 2020.

“The most important thing is the investment of the teams, that’s why the MLS teams rise positions. The United States teams have a constant investment, a constant in what they do. They not only bring better players, but achieve better television rights, they sell their rights in a much larger number of countries. They build new stadiums, give it an infrastructure that Mexico lacks, so the Liga MX falls. What is needed is that the teams invest in increasing the value of their assets, ”explains Francisco San José, a professor in sports marketing, at the school of sports sciences, Universidad Anáhuac.

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Mexico registers a zero-rate economic growth in recent months, that also forces clubs to “seek how to survive” to maintain the status of the MX League.

“Football cannot be foreign to the country’s economy and there is a kind of recession, practically zero growth rate, that is impacted in all the channels of entry of a team, including sponsors, television rights, fans spend less , consumer confidence fell, fewer new cars are bought. There is a severe economic problem, you cannot leave that part aside, ”complements Javier Salinas.