Elite Star Taught Him How To Wear a Bikini To J.Lo

The Spanish series and produced by the streaming network Netflix, Elite, has become one of the most watched. In addition to its plot, the beauty of its actors has allowed them to become an icon in fashion in Spanish-speaking countries.

Her actresses, such as Danna Paola, María Pedraza, Ester Expósito, Mina El Hammani, Georgina Amorós, have left more than one follower in love. Despite their young ages, they show great talent in their different facets, as well as incredible beauty.

Elite / Instagram Actors


It was precisely the Mexican, Danna Paola, that has been growing like the foam due to its theatrical and musical abilities. His sculptural figure has also allowed him to win thousands of compliments on his social networks.

One of his latest photographs shows how a swimsuit looks and coincided with a post by the Diva of the Bronx that was a similar psoe. Many even came to resemble them, and although Jennifer Lopez has earned her followers, Danna has shown that her beauty and talent are more than strong to stay.

Elite / Instagram Actors

The popular actress who stars in the famous series "Elite" appeared from the Mayan Rivera, in a pool enjoying the sun. Even artists like An Barbara went straight to point out Paola's beauty: "Oh what a little girl," said the "Aztec" artist.

Danna Paola / Instagram

On the other hand, the ex-baseball player Alex Rodriguez's fiance chose to grab her hair and pass with her slender legs so that they appreciate the dedication in the gym that has dedicated her figure.

Comments for J.Lo

"Unreal," "Goddess," "Hello 911, JLo has broken the internet," "Are you kidding me?", "Those lines on his chest have never been so suitable." So I want to have the muscle defined ”,“ The muscle of your life ”, were some of the messages that the intimate part of JLo received.

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