Ellliot Abrams, On a Possible US Military Intervention In Venezuela: "It Depends On Donald Trump, Not Juan Guaidó"

The US special envoy for Venezuela, Elliot Abrams, said Friday that an eventual military intervention in the Caribbean country would depend exclusively on President Donald Trump.

To substantiate his argument, Abrams recalled the operation carried out by US forces on January 3, when he died who was the most important military in Iran, Qassem Soleimani: “As we have seen in the Middle East, when any president of the United States wants using force for our national interests, you can do it. ” And in reference to the Venezuelan situation, he plotted: "It does not depend on Guaidó, but on Trump."

However, Abrams clarified that while the option exists, it is not something the administration is considering. “We have said 10,000 times that all options are on the table. It's not because Trump has said he wants them to be, but because they exist. But it is not politics. It is to use international, economic, financial, diplomatic pressure, including sanctions, ”he said in a dialogue with the press.


In another passage of his speech, Abrams said that parliamentary elections are not enough to find a way out of the country's crisis, so he called for the formation of a transitional government that organizes transparent presidential elections.

“We do not trust national parliamentary or presidential elections under Nicolás Maduro, that is our position. You need a reliable transition government, ”he added. In this way, Abrams echoed a statement by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who on Thursday assured that a rapid negotiated transition to democracy is the most effective and sustainable route to peace and prosperity in Venezuela. ”

Negotiations could open the way out of the crisis through a transitional government that will organize free and fair elections, ”he said. In a statement, the State Department listed the conditions that must be met in order to carry out a reliable electoral process.

The State Department also pointed out that the media must work freely and there should be no restrictions on independent news sources and also a fair broadcast time should be contemplated for all candidates and parties. Finally, he requested that the exercise of the rights of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression be allowed without repression, reprisals or interruptions of service for reasons

Abrams also referred to the failed attempt by the Maduro regime to seize the National Assembly and reiterated the will of the Trump administration to sanction those parliamentarians "who lend themselves to serving as henchmen of the regime."

On Thursday, Abrams had indicated in an interview with EFE that the sanctions will be imposed “in the next few days” and will affect Venezuelan individuals, although he did not reveal their names. According to Reuters, Parra will be one of those included. Abrams also anticipated that Washington will also punish Russia for its support of Nicolás Maduro, although those sanctions will come later, in a "longer period of time."

The position was reinforced by the permanent council of the Organization of American States (OAS) on Friday approved a resolution that condemned the "use of force" by the regime and maintained its recognition of Guaidó as reelected president of Parliament.

Meanwhile, in an interview with WABNEWS – published this Friday – Abrams rejected the possibility of establishing a dialogue with the Maduro regime. He justified his answer on two factors: that in the round of negotiations that took place in Oslo "the regime did not want to negotiate seriously", and by the attempt to seize the National Assembly.



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