Elmer Güity Says Goodbye To Olympia: ‘We Just Have To Say Thank You Very Much For Everything’ – Ten

Pedro Troglio, coach of Olimpia, confirmed that Elmer Güity was separated and trained with reservations because he did not adapt to the standards. After this, the left side of the albo was expressed in their social networks and said goodbye to the albo box.

Elmer Güity and other young prospects who were ‘erased’ in Olympia

“Grateful for being part or having been part of a great institution since 2013. It only remains to say thank you very much for everything, beautiful and bad times. But this is football,” he began his message on his Twitter account.


He added: “Hopefully the goals set both nationally and internationally are achieved. Endure the dawn.”

Güity at the 2019 Opening had little participation, so at the end of the tournament he was about to leave for Real Spain.

The aurinegro box contacted him, but Pedro Troglio convinced him to continue. “He told me to stay because I had many years in the institution,” the player said in January.

But the Argentine helmsman that the decision to separate it was by “tactical and coexistence decisions”.

Elmer Güity debuted in 2015 with Olympia. In 2017 he left on loan to Juticalpa and returned in 2018.