Elon Musk Paid $250,000 To Silence a Stewardess From His Company Who Denounced Him For Harassment

A SpaceX private jet stewardess has accused tycoon Elon Musk of sexual harassment on a company ship he owns. The complaint did not prosper after an agreement by which SpaceX paid $ 250,000 to the complainant in exchange for her silence, according to The Business Insider (BI) portal has reported.

Musk has denied the facts through his Twitter account and has indicated that the person who gave his testimony is “an extreme leftist activist from Los Angeles” and that “the only objective (of those who support the complaint) was to interfere in the purchase from Twitter”. He has added that the journalist wrote his article without consulting him, EFE has reported.


According to the article, Musk had chartered a private jet for a trip to London in 2016 and requested a massage as part of the services available to senior executives. In the middle of the massage he showed his erect penis to the masseuse – who had initially been hired as a stewardess – and touched her thighs, telling her that if she agreed to her wishes he could “buy her a horse”, but she refused.

The stewardess, whose name is being withheld, was fired in retaliation for not complying with Musk’s wishes, and then hired a lawyer, but in 2018 the SpaceX company offered her a payment of $250,000 not to take the case to court. courts and never refer to him again in a meeting with his lawyer, in which Musk himself was present, as the article refers.

Neither the stewardess nor her lawyer have wanted to talk to the media, while the vice president of Space X, Christopher Cardaci, has said that he does not plan to “comment on settlement agreements.”

Musk has chosen to respond via Twitter, using the account of a Fox News journalist, and in his comments he has maintained: “I have to challenge that liar who claims that her friend saw me ‘exposed’: she describes only one thing – a tattoo, a scar, whatever – that the public doesn’t know about. She won’t be able to do it, because it never happened.”

The South African-born tycoon has been involved in a spiral of controversy for several weeks, when he made a first offer for the purchase of Twitter, and then has been backtracking and contradicting himself again, amid persistent rumors that he plans to lower the price or give up the sale.



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