Eminem Confronts And Arrests Intruder Who Broke Into His House

The subject had already faced charges for invasion of private property and malicious destruction of a building

Even in the midst of quarantine, fans do not lose hope of coming face to face with their idols, as in the case of Matthew David Hughes, who in early April illegally entered the rapper’s house Eminem , which is located in the city of Detroit, in Michigan.


It was about four in the morning when the subject took a piece of cobblestone and with it broke a kitchen window, which activated the alarm; even so, Hughes he got into the house and managed to sneak into the living room, where he was surprised by Eminem himself.

According to the site TMZ , this man’s intention was not to steal; all he wanted was to come face to face with his idol.

The alarm also woke up the security team of Eminem, who were asleep and had not noticed the presence of Hughes.

TMZ reports that it was not the security guards but himself Eminem who kept in custody Hughes until the police came to take him into custody.

Although I didn’t mean to steal, Matthew David Hughes He was accused of trespassing on private property and of “malicious” destruction of a building. TMZ says that to regain his freedom he will have to post a bond of $ 50,000 (approximately 1,250,000 Mexican pesos).

So far the testimony of Eminem; It is also unknown if he filed charges against Hughes.