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Rapper Eminem has been investigated and interrogated by the Secret Service after the lyrics of one of his last songs contained threatening lyrics against Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka. According to some documents confirmed by the American media BuzzFeed News, the US agency interviewed the rapper because he "exhibited inappropriate behavior" and "threatened the protected", as recorded verbatim in reference to Trump in the extensive 43 folios documentation published on Thursday BuzzFeed News.

According to these documents, the rapper was contacted by the Secret Service after releasing his song Framed, in December 2017, belonging to his penultimate Revival album. On this subject, the artist mentions the president referring to him as Donald Duck, speaks of Ivanka Trump as "the silly little blonde" and mentions the word murder twice. "Donald Duck is on, there is a Tonka truck in the yard / But dog, how the hell … what does Ivanka Trump do in the trunk of my car? … I feel somewhat responsible for the silly little blonde / Girl, that unruly cane that was thrown into the pond / Second murder without remembering it. ”


It was this letter that alarmed a citizen who warned the Secret Services "worried about inappropriate comments about Trump's family." The documents show that, after this notice, the agency conducted a background check on Eminem and contacted the singer through his lawyers on December 20, 2017. A month later, on January 16, 2018, they spoke with him in person. After the interrogation "it was determined that he would not be transferred to a federal prosecutor," so the case was dismissed.

Eminem himself sang in one of his later songs the experience he lived and made fun of Trump for sending to the Secret Service to speak with him. In The Ringer, belonging to his latest album Kamikaze, released at the end of August 2018, Eminem says: “The Orange Agent just sent the Secret Service / To meet in person to see if I really think about doing something / Or ask if I am linked to terrorists / And I said: Only when it comes to ink and letters. ”

It is not the first time the rapper uses his lyrics to show his opposition to Trump. In 2016, when the politician had not yet reached the presidency, Eminem published the song Campaign Speech, in which he criticized the then Republican candidate. During the almost eight minutes that the song lasted, the singer carried his usual sarcasm against the campaign of the presidential election candidate in November and also against his followers. Almost a year later Marshall Bruce Mathers III, Eminem's real name, did it again during the BET Hip Hop Awards of 2017, with a video in which he dedicated another subject to the president, whom he then labeled as racist. Hooded and in an enraged tone, the singer began to declare his incendiary verses describing Trump as an incompetent full of prejudices: "Racism is the only thing he is obsessed with / We better recognize Obama's work / Because we now have in the office to a kamikaze / which will probably cause a nuclear holocaust, "he rapped, referring to Trump's bellicose messages on Twitter against North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

Eminem is considered the most successful white rapper in history. Until the arrival of Trump, the artist had not dedicated many lyrics to politics but his songs have always generated controversy over contemptuous content towards women and homosexuals.



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