Emotional Football Moments That Will Make You Cry (Video)

This video shows the heavy emotion that goes behind professional soccer games.

There’s a winner and a loser in every football match but even one player can’t win a match by himself.  Messi is one of the most controversial and famous soccer player of all times and even he cries when he loses a match.  This goes to show you that a soccer team or baseball or basketball team is a group of players and they all have to work together for the common goal of winning the match.


Sweat and tears goes into every game but at the end of the day only one team will win.  So take this analogy when you’re playing the game of life.

You might win you might lose but what’s important is that you keep playing the game and getting better at it.  Don’t give you just because you lose one match, continue on until you get to be a winner.

Losing is part of wining and winning all the time will not make you strong.

If you follow this philosophy you will become a winner at something whether it be a soccer match or a baseball match or life it self.