Emotional Message From Adolfo Ros For The 17 Years Of Guillermo Ochoa’s Debut With America

On February 15, 2021, Guillermo Ochoa turned 17 from his debut, which was with the Eagles of America, a team that was part of the basic forces and from a young age it was seen that he would have great successes due to his great talent that he showed short age. At present, for many the goalkeeper of the Coapa team is considered the best Mexican goalkeeper of all time, he already has a historical significance that few players in the country can boast.

Guillermo Ochoa throughout his career accumulates four World Cups, of which the one that most attracts attention was Russia 2018, due to his great saves that he showed against the favorite team for that match, leaving his own and strangers in wonder for the incredible saves he had against several of the best players in the world. Memo has been characterized by having brilliant reflections that to date being 35 years old, still preserve them almost intact.

Adolfo Rios, former goalkeeper of the Eagles of America, did not miss this date to congratulate Guillermo Ochoa on his 17-year debut, in which he stressed that it was an honor to give him the gloves so that he could continue protecting the goalkeeper of the greatest team. of Mexico, also pointed out that Memo, marveled in his performances for his ability, as well as his young age, which he had in 2014 when he had his first meeting, being only 18 years old, the Portero de Cristo pointed out that he had the character of a young teacher.


It should be noted that Guillermo Ochoa is the first Mexican goalkeeper to fulfill his dream of playing in the old continent, in addition to that his achievements put him at the top of which he adds with the Club America the 2005 Clausura League Championship, Champion of Champions In 2005, Concacaf 2006 and Interliga 2008, he also has four trophies from El Tri in the Gold Cup and due to his brilliant World Cup in Russia 2018, he was awarded the silver glove.