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Congressional candidate for the Broad Front in the 2020 Elections Enrique Fernández Chacón, rejected an invitation at the residence of the United States ambassador to Peru as a means of protest against Donald Trump's immigration policy.

The applicant for Parliament shared in his social networks the communication via email that he had with a representative of the United States Embassy in Peru, in which despite thanking the courtesy, he declined the offer.

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According to the message issued by the same candidate to Congress, the invitation consisted of a visit to the diplomatic representative of the United States in Peru, Krishna R. Urs, to attend a breakfast in order to “exchange ideas about the January elections 2020 ”.

"Four other applicants to the congress [sic] with different parties are also invited," reads the email received by Fernández Chacón.

The broad front candidate, however, in his response, said he declined the invitation not "as a contempt for the American people, for which I keep a deep respect", but as a measure of protest against "anti-migrant policy [sic ] that affects thousands of Latin Americans, including my Peruvian countrymen, ”and that is one of the most criticized in the administration of Donald Trump.

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Enrique Fernández Chacón, as is known, postulates with the number 1 on the list for Lima of the Frente Amplio. Last November, the Republic consulted him about his proposals for the Legislative in 2020, if he was elected, and his opinions regarding issues such as the re-election of congressmen and the dilemma of the left.

Among his considerations, the candidate for Parliament pointed out that, as regards the fight against corruption, it should be borne in mind that this problem forks in two aspects: moral and economic.

“The first is sanctioned by going to jail, but what about the second? Do we let them enjoy the fortune that they have stolen or recover the goods to put into service as a kind of reparation? Not only do they have to be moral sanctions, but also economic ones, ”he said at the time.

On the other hand, Fernández Chácon also spoke about the election of the new judges of the Constitutional Court, which the new Congress that is installed will have to define.

“Who are we going to target? Do you have to continue being a political instrument of the parties that are in Congress to put their representatives, just as they wanted to put the last east to the head? Or do we begin to discuss what types of qualities they have to have, what are their limitations? Because, eye, we are voting for the institution that can separate a president. We already know what is behind this: the political convenience to have my tribune serve me, ”he said.



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