Enrique Iglesias And Anna Kournikova Are They No Longer “boyfriends”?

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova have been together in concubinage for over 18 years. Fruit of their love were born, first, the twins Nicholas and Lucy who star in most of the videos and publications of their parents in their respective social networks.

A few weeks ago it was known through Anna’s official Instagram that she had given birth to a new daughter, however they still did not make the name of the little girl known. Always reserving your privacy and that of your children, Quique and the former tennis player prefers to upload photos that show her moment of full happiness without any epigraph. Related News It should be noted that since despite her work as a father of the Iglesias family, The son de Julio never neglected his career as a singer. In December 2019 he made presentations in Madrid where he was cheered by the Spanish public.

The Madrid-born artist’s couple, on the other hand, decided to end his career as a tennis player in 2007 after having played on all continents of the world being just a teenager. He currently lives healthy, exercises and takes care of 100% of his children.


But the focus is this time on the former Russian athlete who without any notice changed her name on her official Instagram account. Now it can be found as Anna Kournikova Iglesias.

The change, which did not go unnoticed by any media outlet, left open the possibility that the singer and her blond weakness would have married in secret.

Waiting for some confirmation or not of the event in question, we noticed that on Facebook, still, she appears with her maiden name. Will there be an announcement at the door?