Enrique Iglesias Jokes About The Resemblance He Has With His Son

Enrique Iglesias could not be more fascinated with his little Nicholas and Lucy. Although he and his partner, Anna Kournikovason are the most reserved with their private lives, in recent months both have shared the most charming photos and videos with their children, showing that they are in one of the best stages of their lives. Recently, the Bailando interpreter shared an image in which he jokes about the great resemblance he has with his son.

Nicholas and Lucy, the great loves of Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova

In the snapshot Nicholas, a year old, is seen with his famous dad. Clearly, the predominant genes in children are those of Anna Kournikova, so the little ones have blond hair and deep blue eyes, just like their mother’s. Between jokes, the 44-year-old singer said Nicholas had inherited his features: “I think he has my genes.” In addition, he affectionately referred to his son as My Russian meatball (in Spanish, my Russian meatball).


This is the new photo that the singer shared next to his little one

Although they have their mother’s features, nothing is said, because as Nicholas and Lucy grow, they will develop and their features could change and adopt one or more of the characteristics of their famous – and very good looking – father.

Just a few days ago, Enrique Iglesias shared with his fans a fun video in which he shows himself as the perfect playmate of his lovely Lucy. In the clip, Julio Iglesias’ son appears taking his best dance steps to the rhythm of a children’s.

The love story of Enrique and Anna Kournikova

The couple met more than 18 years ago, in 2001 during the filming of the Escape music video. From that moment they became inseparable and after several years together, in December 2017 they announced that they had become parents. The singer and the extenista revealed that they had received the twins Nicholas and Lucy.

Together writing a love story since 2001