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Environmental Agency Releases Missing Data During Trump Administration | Voice Of America

Missing data from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website is back after disappearing for four years during the presidency of Republican Donald Trump. Climate Change Indicators on the EPA site reflect that the last decade was the hottest on record, that heat waves have increased in frequency from two per year in the 1960s to six per year since 2010, and the level of the oceans rose to more than 20 centimeters in coastal areas. “With this delayed update, we now have additional data and a new set of indicators showing that climate change has become more apparent, stronger and more extreme, and it is imperative that we take meaningful action,” said EPA Administrator Michael Regan, in a statement. The site gathered data from 13 federal agencies, and from academics and other organizations, on topics ranging from greenhouse gas emissions to winter bird movement. All the usual meters are there, including rising temperatures and ocean levels, and shrinking glaciers. The updated version adds a dozen indicators, such as the frequency and duration of heat waves, the melting of ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica, and the energy used in the summer for air conditioning US pledges to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half About 40 world leaders en they meet virtually Thursday and Friday with the intention of adopting concrete measures to curb climate change. The website shows “the public and planners the many costs that climate change has on daily life, public health and the ecosystems on which a large livelihood depends,” said Brenda Ekwurzel, director of climate science for the Union of Worried Scientists. The decision to update the data is part of the Biden administration’s efforts to restore its predecessor’s marginalization to science and scientists. Former President Donald Trump, who repeatedly described climate change as a “fraud” and went so far as to say that it would, if anything, be good against the cold, disbanded panels of scientists advising on EPA regulations. It also limited the types of data the agency had to consider in issuing its rules. Trump dismissed the scientific consensus that human greenhouse gas emissions are warming the planet. His administration tried to weaken the regulations that tried to reduce them. Trump’s EPA left the website’s weather indicators outdated from 2016. However, agencies across the federal government continued to record how the climate was changing and the effects of those changes on the environment and human society. “Science kept going,” Ekwurzel said. “The indicators and data were always recorded, but it was more difficult to access them.” Connect with the Voice of America! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and activate notifications; or, follow us on social networks: Facebook, Twitter

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