Epidemic Of The New Coronavirus Makes Chinese Seropositive Treatment Difficult, Warns Onusida

Quarantine measures taken in various parts of China by the Wuhan coronavirus, together with the congestion of many hospitals to treat patients with Covid-19, make it difficult for Chinese seropositives to access antiretrovirals and other treatments, warns Onusida.

A survey of members of this group carried out by this United Nations organization with the Chinese authorities shows that a third of HIV carriers in the country are at risk of running out of antiretrovirals in a matter of days due to restrictions on movements and quarantines in many cities.

In addition, almost half of those surveyed stressed that they do not know where to get new drugs to continue their treatment (which is usually chronic in most seropositives), due to the impossibility of returning to their places of origin or the saturation of many hospital centers .


According to Onusida (Joint United Nations Program on HIV / AIDS), the situation is trying to be alleviated with the help of Chinese HIV-positive associations such as BaiHuaLin, which tries to contact these people to facilitate their access to drugs.

Chinese health authorities also try to coordinate with local governments measures to assist HIV carriers with problems accessing their treatments.

More than 60 percent of the HIV-positive respondents indicated that they did not have enough protective materials (masks, gloves, disinfectant) to deal with the coronavirus, to which Onusida has promised to donate this type of equipment through associations such as BaiHuaLin.

On the other hand, in a third of the participants in the survey, carried out from February 5 to 10, they admitted feeling anxious about the Covid-19 epidemic and said they needed psychosocial support, the Onusida statement said.

According to the UN agency, there are still no data on whether carriers of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, are at greater risk of contracting Wuhan’s coronavirus than the general population, and if doing so entails more risks to their health (in overall, only 20% of Covid-19 cases are serious).

In China there are about 1.25 million HIV carriers, according to figures from national health authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO).



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