Erik Rubín Reacts Like This When He Knows That He Will Be a Father-in-law Very Soon

The singer is aware that now that his first-born is 15, the time is approaching for him to have a formal boyfriend

A few weeks ago, Mía Rubín , eldest daughter of Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubin, She turned 15 years old and the family celebrated with an emotional party for four in which the dress, the cake and even the traditional waltz were held by her father.


That his daughter turns 15 means several things for the singer, who is aware that soon Mine might surprise you that you already have your official first boyfriend. AND Erik is ready for it.

That moment was very special because of what it means, that she is already a woman and it is that great step of going from girl to woman. So, for me she is my little girl, she always will be, but I know that changes are coming and that precisely after a while we will see her with her boyfriend, but the truth is that I am not jealous, what I want is to see her happy and performed.

“I really enjoyed it, I also had a tear,” he said. Erik Rubín

during an interview his wife did for the show Today, in which he recalled the moment he danced the waltz with his daughter.

The singer also assured that the party was important for everyone, including Nina, his youngest daughter.

About the party, Erik Rubín He assured that his daughter did enjoy it despite the fact that a few days before she was sad, because she had the illusion of celebrating with her friends and also of taking a trip through the Mediterranean that for the moment could not be done.

“She had the illusion of, maybe, being with her friends, her closest family was, but I think she did come, days before her birthday, very sensitive and this is the kind of thing that can be done for me.

“However, although she was sad a day before, that day I think it was one of her best birthdays because finally thanks to all the details you had (Andrea), that we had, to dress, to dance, to the cake, to the gifts, she realized all the blessings she has. ”