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A love triangle is the one that starred at the time the singer Alejandra Guzmán, Paulina Rubio and the actor Erik Rubín, as stated by Guzmán, also known as “The queen of hearts”, in the Yordi Rosado program where she told details of how “The golden girl” intruded on their relationship.

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Erik Rubín Milanszenko, current husband of actress Andrea Legarreta, is a Mexican singer and actor with Ukrainian descent and who is also remembered for having been part of the musical group Timbiriche.


Precisely, Erik Rubín began his musical career as a soloist in 1993. In 200 he released the album Quadrasónico and four years later he released the album Erik.

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In 2009 he presented his album “Here and Now” co-produced with Ettore Grenci. Years later, in 2017 he participated in the 90′s Pop Tour together with OV7 JNS Litzy The Sacados Alex Syntek Fey Iran Castillo Pablo Ruiz and Caló.


In an interview with Yordi Rosado, the singer Alejandra Guzmán answered a series of questions where she told about the relationship she had with Erik Rubín and the unfortunate episode of how she suffered an infidelity.

“I started dating Erik because I liked him at the TVyNovelas Awards, which I won and I was wearing a green dress. That’s where Erik and I meet. He was handsome, he had that of a Tibetan Princess, his long hair, his two earrings, I said ‘beautiful daddy’. I went out with him for about two months until I found out that he was dating Paulina again, ”he said.

But what many will ask is what happened when Guzmán found out about Rubín’s infidelity? Given this, the singer herself said that she ended her relationship, in addition, she told everything that happened to her music producer, who was the same one who worked for Paulina Rubio.

“There I told the producer, he made me the one of ‘Hey Güera’, to her he said ‘that man does not touch’ or something like that. It was the same producer (of the two), notice that she copied, where I went, she came I don’t know why she always did. Yes, I sent it to fly, ”he noted.

Alejandra Guzmán told how she feels despite the problems in her family. (Photo: Instagram @laguzmanmx). WHAT HAPPENED TO ALEJANDRA GUZMÁN AND PAULINA RUBIO AFTER THIS EVENT?

Some years have passed since this event occurred and according to Guzmán he said that he has had contact with both Rubín and Rubio.

“Yes, I have seen him (Erik), I greet him and I am very happy that he is well; Now that he is with Andrea, I respect him a lot and his daughters are beautiful, but I see him differently. I worked with Paulina on a video, we were going to do a project, but it no longer came out due to the pandemic and other things, “he said.


Legarreta and Rubín denied that it was an infidelity, but that it was a family reunion for Father’s Day, where Erik’s father was also about to close a business.

“We know that we have had hard times, complicated stages, but not this, this is stupid, this is wanting to find something negative where there is none … sorry, but who thinks that a marriage means locking oneself in a cage … to That is not me, ”said the presenter.

Both made it clear that, despite being married, each has their free time because marriage does not mean always being together.


Andrea Legarreta described this situation as “stupid” because she knows that her husband has an individual life very different from the one they promote as a couple, which does not mean that there are “horns” or “betrayals” between them.

“For me, he has his job, he has his life, he goes on tour, he goes out with the 90′s (the show), there are many girls and boys, they stay in hotels and we on tour too, not for that. we are painting the horn, we do not betray ourselves, and we do not do things that could damage our history … I do not find absolutely anything wrong and disrespectful, “he said in an interview with the media.

“[Erik Rubín] and I know what we live. We also know that we have lived through tough times, complicated stages, but not this. This is stupid, it is wanting to find something negative where there is none, “he warned. “Bad people are what they look for in the end.”

Legarreta made it clear that they are a solid couple and each has independent professional activities. “Those who believe that marriage means locking yourself up and not having an individual life, I respect them a lot, but for me it is not that,” he emphasized.

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