Erika Zaba Of OV7 Is Already a Mother And Shares The First Image Of Her Baby

Erika Zaba from OV7 is already a mother and shares the first image of her baby. | Instagram Special

Erika Zaba from OV7 is already a mother and shares the first image of her baby, little Emiliano, who has already completed her first day of life. Mom and baby are perfectly healthy.

Similarly, Francisco Oliveros, Erika Zaba's husband shared a second image confirming the birth of his son Emiliano and how well the baby and Erika are in health, the emotion was unstoppable.


And after a lifetime on stage, Erika Zaba and her colleagues from OV7, Kalimba Mariscal, Ari Boroboy, Oscar Schwebel, Mariana Ochoa, Lidia Ávila and M'Balia Mariscal have become a family that has made a very connection special with his followers, so since he learned about his pregnancy, it was a real party.

Through social networks, Erika Zaba and Francisco Oliveros shared the most important moments of pregnancy and how they were preparing everything for the arrival of Emiliano, in addition to providing interesting advice for those who will soon become parents.

An unforgettable night

It was yesterday, November 3, when Erika Zaba and Francisco Oliveros finally had the joy of meeting little Emiliano at 4:51 p.m. Erika herself revealed that the little boy weighed 2.9 kilos and measured 49.5 centimeters.

Francisco Oliveros revealed that he and his wife would take a few days away from social networks to enjoy their child and adapt to what this new stage as a family will be.

Many of his followers expect the first scoop couple of Emiliano's first images to a magazine, but for now they shared these beautiful messages:

Friends of the couple have flooded their profiles with good wishes, blessings and all kinds of celebratory comments, because just as Erika Zava and Francisco Oliveros are very dear, little Emiliano will be too.