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At 16 he planned the death of his whole family because he wanted to "take them off" and feel that he was free. Learn more about the chilling case.

Erin Caffey was endowed with an angelic beauty and voice. On Sundays the church was filled at the time of the Baptist ceremony because everyone wanted to hear her sing.

Erin measures 1.49 meters, but the force with which his song emerges is huge. In addition, his image: blue eyes, innocent smile, golden hair and white complexion combine very well with his heavenly melody.


No one would have imagined that behind her angelic beauty, the 16-year-old teenager wanted to get rid of her family and planned a massacre to end them.

At an early age, Erin was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), since then her parents were overprotective with her.

The Caffey family was extremely believing, Terry and Penny, Erin's parents, met at a Baptist meeting in Garland, when she was 21 and he was 24. They got married and Erin, Mathew and Tyler were born from the marriage. The parents instilled in their children religious fervor and everything was going well in their humble cabin, located in a rural area between the cities of Alba and Emory, in the state of Texas, United States.

Penny played the piano in the church and was employed at Meal on Wheels delivering food at home. Terry was a lay preacher and worked for a health related supplies company.

Of the beautiful family, Erin was the most famous and was known for her wonderful singing skills and received personalized classes at home with her siblings, since for an inappropriate sexual behavior she had at school she no longer attended.

The classes Penny taught his children were based on a public curriculum, he thought that would help Erin with his attention problems.

In 2007 he turned 16, got a driver's license and started working at a fast food company. In that period he met Charlie Wilkinson, he was 18 years old.

The attraction between the two was immediate and although he was not the ideal candidate for Erin's parents, they began a relationship.

Charlie lived in the country with his father, stepmother and two half brothers; Twice a year he saw his biological mother. He never showed signs of misconduct at school or had problems with the law.

When he met Erin, he frequently visited the company where she worked, according to Dion Kipp Jr., Charlie was “totally in love and considered her his soulmate. I talked about her 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ”

Little by little he moved closer to her, took advantage of the breaks he had at work and visited her at home at night. After sharing dinner they talked on the phone, at least one hour before going to sleep. Charlie even started attending church with the family.

In 2008 Erin returned to school and left her training at home, this after begging her parents to allow them. The three brothers of the Caffey family returned to regular classes. Erin and Charlie became inseparable and started dating alone.

Erin Caffey and her boyfriend Charlie Wilkinson. He confessed that she planned the crime.

The bond between the young people was reinforced after their first sexual relationship, which occurred in 2008. At six months of dating, Charlie took her to a remote road, knelt down and placed her grandmother's ring on Erin's finger, he proposed that they spend their whole lives together and she accepted.

The proposal was inconceivable to Erin's parents, since she was only 16 years old. They tried to limit the time they spent together, Terry had time to take her and bring her from school, solo outings were no longer authorized and visits to the house were limited to once a week.

Erin began planning to escape with Charlie when he turned 17 and the discussions increased.

On February 27, 2008, Penny asked Erin to finally end up with Charlie after reviewing the MySpace profile and discovering comments about drinks, drunkenness and sex … the content was scary for her.

Penny and Terry demanded that she finish him, and she cynically said she was considering it. However, in his mind he began to orchestrate a plan to "get rid of" his parents. The only way out he saw was to kill his whole family and so he could do whatever he wanted.

She told her boyfriend the idea and he promised to do everything possible to make her happy. The plan was discussed with his friends, who days later told investigators that Charlie just wanted to get away with her, he even wanted Erin to get pregnant so the Caffeys would accept him, but the angelic young lady didn't want a baby.

The couple's friends testified that who was in charge in the relationship was her. "I could make him do what she wanted," one testified.

The bloody night

The clock read one o'clock in the morning on Saturday, March 1, 2008. It was the night chosen to implement the plan, Charlie arrived at the house of the Caffey family accompanied by Charles Allen Waid, 20, and his girlfriend Bobbi Johnson, 18.

The family dog ​​felt the presence of the intruders and they decided to walk away, but Erin called Charlie and convinced him to come back and take care of the dog.

The three young men returned, Erin complied and the dog no longer barked. He left the house and stayed inside the car with Bobbi, while Charlie and Waid entered the house with weapons and two Samurai swords.

“They broke into our room and opened fire. They shot me several shots (…) they also came with a Samurai sword. After shooting Penny, they shot me three more times, two in the back and one in the back of one leg. (…) I could not feel the right side of my body. I felt that I had been shot in the face. Then one of them took the sword and stabbed Penny in the neck almost beheading her, ”said Terry, who was the only one who survived.

Accused of participating in the massacre of the Caffey family (Image ITV)

Terry was injured and remembers losing consciousness alternately. Remember the panic he felt when he heard his two young children shout.

"I panicked. Matthew shouted: ‘No, Charlie. Do not! Why are you doing this? When I heard him say his name, I realized who was in my house and why. Then I heard more shots. I tried to get up again, but I couldn't. Blood ran through my head. I fainted. Then I would find out that Matthew had been shot while searching for Tyler who had hidden in a closet and that they took turns stabbing him. ”

With the death of the two children the massacre ended. To avoid leaving traces and evidence against him they set the house on fire.

"I'm happy … it's over!" Erin said when they returned to the car. Then they stayed in the celestial trailer of Waid's brother and the criminal act was consecrated with sex.

The survivor

Terry woke up when the house was filling with smoke and the flames had begun: “I knew I couldn't go up the stairs, so I started crawling through the room. I found Penny who was already dead. I managed to crawl through the bathroom window and get out of the house, ”he said.

He crawled to his neighbor's house, but they were so bad that it took him more than an hour to reach the other house. To move forward, he looked at the light in the window of Tommy and Helen Gaston. They would help you.

It finally arrived and its noise woke them up. It had been two hours since the start of the attack. Terry collapsed. As soon as he saw him, Tommy called 911. The operator asked if Terry Caffey was bleeding. He replied: “Where does it not bleed? It is a miracle that I am here. ”

Erin assures her father that she was not part of the plot, that she knew the plan but could not stop it, that she had been forced by her boyfriend and friends to stay in the car while they killed her family. Terry chose to believe him.

When the police arrived, the family dog ​​watched the debris and burned remains of its occupants attentively. So calcined that it would be impossible to establish in what order things had happened and what were the primary causes of death.

He was taken to the Texas Medical Center in Tyler, where he was admitted to intensive care. I was in a critical situation, but stable. He had at least six shots: a bullet lodged in the skull, two in the back, two in his right shoulder and one in the leg.

Three hours later, the authorities arrested Charlie Wilkinson, Charles Waid and Bobbi Johnson. Erin was found hidden in a dirty blue trailer, which belonged to Waid's older brother, while the police searched him.

Erin was taken to the hospital and interviewed by an agent. She said she was 14 years old, that she had woken up when the house was on fire and two boys "badly dressed in black with swords" had ordered her to throw herself on the floor and didn't know how she got to the trailer.

However, the lack of emotions made the people doubt their statement. Besides, neither it nor his pajamas had no smell of smoke.

At first she was considered a victim, then she became a suspect when the statements of the three captured concluded that the murders had been Erin's idea.

In addition, test results did not reveal any substance in your body that alluded to your memory loss and smoke inhalation.

Police transferred her to the Greenville juvenile detention center and was charged with murder. To this was added a statement by Waid that showed a chilling aspect of the teenager's psyche, because he said that when they started the car and left the house, Erin seeing the house on fire shouted: “Shit! This is incredible!".

The forgiveness

"What degree of involvement did she have?" Terry asked. The agent in charge of the case replied: "She is very involved." Terry screamed and burst into tears, it was hard for him to believe that his eldest daughter was capable of such atrocity.

In October 2008, Wilkinson and Waid were sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. His own surviving victim was saved from the death penalty: Terry. His religious convictions were essential. "I wanted them to have an opportunity to find repentance," he said while enduring criticism from the public and acquaintances who did not understand so much condescension with them, the horrific murderers of his wife and children.

“My heart tells me that there were enough deaths. Capital punishment, killing them, will not bring my family back, ”he said.

And at the trial he wanted to talk. He first spoke to Waid who was impassive. Then to Charlie, who looked down and even cried: “Charlie Wilkinson, I want to tell you today that I forgive you. Not for your health, but for mine. I refuse to become an old and bitter man. I want to move on and it is the most difficult thing that has touched me in life. Because you have taken me so much! ”

Erin Caffey was interviewed in jail by English journalist Piers Morgan (Image ITV)

Three months later Bobbi Johnson and Erin were convicted of homicide. Johnson was sentenced to two simultaneous sentences of 40 years, will be free in 24 years. Erin was sentenced to two life sentences and must spend no less than 40 years in prison. He would be able to go on probation at age 59. His father Terry hopes to be alive by then.

In spite of everything, he travels for three hours on the road to see his daughter. Terry does not think that his daughter was the head of the plan and believes that it was only a 16-year-old girl who was manipulated by a psychopathic and controlling type.

He hopes that she can have probation and ensures that her father's love has not diminished even a little, even though Erin represents the loss of everything he wanted.

Now he is married, is the stepfather of three teenagers and a church preacher. In addition, he travels the country talking about the importance of forgiveness and the love of God. People who know history question him for blindly believing in his daughter and say that although Erin looks like an angel, he knows that angels do not exist. At least not in this story.