Eugenio Derbez Boasts Aitana’s Talent For Composing Songs In English

Now it is the Mexican actor’s turn to take care of his youngest daughter while Alessandra Rosaldo films a new film.

Now what Alessandra Rosaldo is filming a movie, to Eugenio Derbez he had to take care of his daughter Aitana , who with only five years surprised to sing and compose a song in English.


The talent of the little girl was exposed in the Instagram account of the Mexican actor, who was in charge of publishing a video in which the girl is appreciated to interpret a song she was composing at the same time.

“That song of what is it? Where is that song from? Oh, nowhere, you composed it. I mean you’re composing it right now, you’re making it up. Ok, very good, keep singing, let’s see,” do you hear say to Eugene.

While Aitana continues with the melody, the histrion asked him again: “Is that in Spanish or English or Latin or Czechoslovak, what language is that?”

In just a few hours, the video of Aitana It became a trend in social networks, and so far it has achieved more than 800 thousand reproductions, in addition, it rained hundreds of messages in which both famous and admirers of Eugenio Derbez They highlighted how tender it looked.

Lili Estefan He stressed: “What a beauty! Prepare for what is coming”; Montserrat Oliver detailed ‘Beautiful’ while Jesus Navarro, group member Reik He noted: Composer as your daughter the eldest @aislinnderbez ”; while The golden scorpion indicated: “Until you get a talented son.”

Some family members Derbez They joined the comments and dedicated comical messages to Aitana Derbez. Aislinn Derbez wrote: “A new hit” and José Eduardo Derbez he dedicated a little monkey emoji covering his eyes and said: “Then I was broken”; while Alessandra Rosaldo, mother of the little girl, just dedicated a ‘Like’.

But it was not the only recording of Aitana Derbez which went viral on social networks, also in which Eugenio Derbez He shares the sacrifice he made for the minor during a trip to the park. And it is that the actor said that he forgot his little girl’s jacket and had to give him his, despite how big he had left.

“I’m in the park and I’m dying of cold, but this happens when you forget the girl’s jacket. Mira has the sleeve folded 27 times, right? Let’s see your dress, shirt, shirt, jacket, ”said the actor.