Eugenio Derbez Is Willing To Make Peace With Victoria Ruffo

The Mexican comedian says he has always been willing to have a cordial relationship with the mother of his son José Eduardo, although there are conflicts of the past that still weigh him.

Since their breakup in the 1990s and even though they have a child in common, Eugenio Derbez and Victoria Ruffo They have lived in the middle of a war of declarations and both have declared that they have no communication.


The comments that Eugene does about Victory they always have a touch of humor, but she does not remain silent when the press questions her about it. But on a recent visit to Mexico, Derbez he considered filing rough edges with his son’s mother Jose Eduardo .

“I am open, I have always been open, what happens is that there are many things that weigh from the past and it has been complicated,” said the actor and director to the program Selling.

Despite the time, the husband of Alessandra Rosaldo he does not forget that his son grew away from him, because the actress did not allow him to see him: “Imagine not seeing my son in I do not know how many years, that hurts me to the deepest, it does not work,” he replied.

Derbez He was willing to apologize to Ruffo in case of being necessary, although he considers it unlikely: “Then people get offended by things that one does not even imagine, in one of those I have to apologize, I would gladly do it, but I do not believe the truth, no that I remember, but I still ask for it with pleasure, “said the actor.

After your divorce, Victory accused Eugene having cheated on her with a fake wedding, something he has always denied.

The comedian said he told his version about the marriage bond, in a recent interview that his son made José Eduardo Derbez for his YouTube channel, which is not yet published: “Here I explain everything, detail by detail, so that the rumors are over.”

He reiterated, as he has done in other interviews, that at no time he lied to his ex: “You cannot deceive such a person, her and the whole family, that is for God, that is impossible, there is no way, besides they would put me in jail, “he said.

Eugenio Derbez and Victoria Ruffo They worked together in 1989 and later started a relationship. In 1992 they had Jose Eduardo and five years later they divorced, spending more than a year in court, discussing visits and child support.

Due to the lawsuits between them, the couple’s son grew up unable to have a relationship with the comedian. It was until he came of age that José Eduardo was able to approach Eugenio, since his parents cut off all kinds of communication.