Eugenio Derbez Tells How His “false Wedding” Was With Victoria Ruffo

After so much mystery, the actor and producer broke the silence and told everything in front of the cameras.

Recently José Eduardo Derbez launched to the world of YouTube and as part of his first videos, he invited his dad, Eugenio Derbez, with whom he asked a series of questions from the public and between confessions, took the opportunity to talk about what the famous fake wedding between the producer and his mother really was like, Victoria Ruffo.


When the actor also questioned Eugenio, he replied: “How good that you touch the subject… There was never a false wedding, you know it and your mother knows it and we have talked about it, yes or no? I have told José Eduardo and I have told Victoria, I have all the evidence to deny that, I have not done it because I did not want to make it bigger, ”replied the director.

Although everything seems to indicate that José Eduardo knows the history of his parents very well, at his insistence to know what really happened, Eugenio said bluntly: “Your mom and I never married.”

“One day Victoria says to me: ‘Hey, what do we do because the press is going to start asking us if we get married, if we don’t get married’, because she was already pregnant, ‘we are going to say that we are already married and we don’t have to explain , and we bought some rings ”

“We are going to Echegaray, there was a jewelry store in the Aurrerá parking lot and that is where we bought the wedding rings.”

After 15 days, they called Eugenio to warn him that they were already rings ready and when he went to pick them up he thought he didn’t want to give them to Victory nothing else like that. It was then, that he thought of doing something special to give it to them, so, he invited his friends, who helped him organize a kind of wedding. One brought a tape recorder with the wedding march, another carried his wife’s wedding dress and the person in charge of the sound dressed as a father to deliver the rings.

According to the protagonist of How to be a Latin LoverIt was a very nice and simple party because there was no banquet, but pizza and hamburgers. Among the guests were Héctor Almada, the late actor Luis Ernesto Cano, the manager of the Mijares.

According to the comedian, Victoria Ruffo was very happy with the “wedding” but when they decided to separate, the lawyer who advised the protagonist of The stepmother He advised her to say that the wedding had been a fake and has since become one of the show’s biggest rumors.

Finally, he opened his heart and said that although all separations are difficult, but what hurt the most was that he could no longer be near Jose EduardoIn fact, after the separation, he did not see him for four years.