European Products That Would Increase In Price For US Tariffs To The European Union

(WAB NEWS) – Americans will soon pay more for Scotch and Irish whiskeys, Parmesan cheese and French wine later on account of the tariffs that the Trump administration will impose on European products worth 7.5 billion dollars.

Previously, the United States had threatened to tax leather pulp and bags in a long dispute with the European Union over aircraft subsidies. However, those were saved from tariffs.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled on Wednesday that the United States could target products from European Union nations because the bloc had not complied with a previous resolution on government subsidies for Airbus.


The spokesman of the European Commission, Daniel Rosario, said Thursday that the European Union regretted the decision of the United States and added that the bloc would respond with similar measures.

These are some of the products whose price will be affected by tariffs.


In an extensive list published by the US Department of the Treasury on Wednesday, they are

In the list published by the USA. UU., Is the Irish and Scottish single malt (or pure) whiskey.

Also liquors from Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain or Great Britain.

US tariffs will affect less than 2% of the value of total exports from the European Union to the United States, but could give a serious blow to jobs in Scotland.

"The United States is our largest and most valuable single market, and more than 1 billion Scotch whiskey was exported there last year," said Karen Betts, executive director of the Scotch Whiskey Association. Tariffs "would disproportionately affect smaller producers," Betts said in a statement.

The United States is the most lucrative export market for European Union wines and vice versa, according to the European Committee of Wine Companies (CEEV). A third of EU wine exports to the United States, which totaled 3.760 million Euros (4.1 billion dollars) in 2018, comes from countries affected by wine tariffs such as France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom, The CEEV said in a statement.


A document published by the US Department of the Treasury on Wednesday shows an extensive list of products that would be taxed with tariffs: yogurt, olives, butter, sweet cookies, coffee, fruits, waffles and wafers.

Cheeses such as Parmesan or Dutch gouda cheese are also on the list, along with other food products such as pasta, wine, meat, olive oil and pasta from all over Europe.

Meat products from Germany, Spain and Great Britain, such as pork, would also be affected with tariffs. Also products of clams, cockles and shells containing fish meat and prepared meals from EU countries.

Most of the tariffs would apply to imports from France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom: four of the five largest economies in Europe and those responsible for illegal subsidies to Airbus, said US trade representative Robert Lighthizer, in a statement.

Parmigiano Reggiano cheese imported from Italy, here at a Whole Foods store in Mill Valley, California, would be one of the products taxed in U.S. tariffs. UU. (Credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

Other products

These products could be taxed with 25% tariffs:

Sweaters, sweaters, sweatshirts, vests and similar items from Great Britain.

From Germany metal pliers, pliers are also on the list; metal cutting scissors and similar tools, and their metal base parts; pipe cutters, bolt cutters, punch punches and similar tools; screwdrivers, knives, metal blades, welding machinery, industrial microwave ovens, lenses and camera lenses, among others.

The list of products to which the United States plans to put tariffs is expected to be published later on Wednesday or Thursday, said the senior official of the United States Trade Representative. Aircraft will be subject to a 10% tariff, and a variety of other products will be subject to 25% taxes.

The European Union will probably retaliate

The European Union has requested permission from the WTO to impose countermeasures of $ 12 billion due to unfair subsidies to Boeing, Rosario said. A list of US products that will be considered for tariffs, published in April, includes fish, nuts, wheat, cereals and sunflower oil. The WTO will determine the amount of countermeasures that the European Union can impose in the coming months.

The EU remained ready to work together with the United States "in a fair and balanced solution for our respective aeronautical industries," Rosario added. The bloc had shared proposals with the United States in July for a new plane subsidy regime, but so far it had not received a response.

The United States has already imposed tariffs on European exports of steel and aluminum. The European Union retaliated in June, imposing tariffs on US products worth 3 billion dollars, including motorcycles, bourbon and denim.



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