Eva Longoria And Julia Roberts, Together Against The Coronavirus

The two stars will join George Bush, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Garner or Quincy Jones in a special program to raise funds for the fight against COVID-19.

Actresses Eva Longoria and Julia Roberts They have confirmed their participation in a new charity event that will serve to raise funds for the fight against the coronavirus and also to raise awareness and educate society about the various challenges facing the planet in the framework of this tragic pandemic.


This special broadcast will last for 24 hours from May 1 and will offer, among many other proposals, musical performances, conferences, virtual classes and interviews with a wide variety of guests, among which also stand out Martin Sheen, Oprah Winfrey, the former president of the United States George W. Bush, Naomi Campbell or the legendary music producer Quincy Jones.

In all, around 200 leading figures in American culture and entertainment are expected to attend.

The program, baptized with the title of ‘The Call to Unite’It has also been designed to strengthen ties between all the citizens of the world, “celebrate our shared humanity”, transmit a message of “hope” and comfort those who feel most alone and in need of company.

It will be broadcast simultaneously on YouTube, Facebook and other social networks from eight in the afternoon, according to the time zone of the East Coast of the United States.

“This event invites people from all over the world to celebrate our shared humanity. We stand in solidarity with those who suffer pain, fear, loneliness and longing. We want to offer hope as we build a new future together,” explains an excerpt from the statement issued by the organization. .