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In recent months, Camilo Echeverry and Evaluna Montaner have caused controversy over the singer’s alleged excess of affection and love for his 22-year-old wife.

In the midst of this controversy, Alejandro Sanz made a harmless comment to Ricardo Montaner’s daughter and unleashed a new controversy on social networks.

YOU CAN SEE Camilo receives criticism for forcing his wife Evaluna to sing “Favorite” [VIDEO]


Alejandro Sanz sparks controversy on Instagram by comment to Evaluna.

It turns out that Evaluna shared exactly a week ago some photos on Instagram where she saw herself enjoying the sea and wearing swimwear.

“Queendom” was the word he used to describe the images, which exceeded a million “likes”. However, the Spanish singer-songwriter also wanted to be a participant in that and commented the following: “Attitude”, a message that had more than 700 “likes” and that attracted many offensive responses towards Camilo Echeverry’s wife.

YOU CAN SEE Camilo Echeverry surprises his fans with unpublished photos of his wife Evaluna

Alejandro Sanz’s comment to Evaluna on Instagram.

A follower answered Alejandro Sanz’s post and all the controversy broke out. “The only thing you have. Aside from the sour and wrinkled face, she looks like an old girl, ”wrote the user about Evaluna, who responded to constant criticism for her partner’s excess affection.

Immediately, the young girl’s fans came to her defense. “Cast?”. “What poison do you distil, what abounds in your heart comes out of your mouth.” “Than?”. “What benefits you?”, Claimed the followers of the user.

Neither Evaluna Montaner, nor Alejandro Sanz has spoken out for the controversy.

On the other hand, some fans only expressed their emotion for Alejandro Sanz’s message to Evaluna Montaner.

“How lucky is Evaluna’s.” “He is going to give me something.” “I want to be Evaluna right now.” “Camilo doesn’t like this,” they commented.

Evaluna assures that he lives a “honeymoon” with Camilo

In early May, Evaluna Montaner shared an extensive text where she assured that she has lived a “honeymoon” since she began her romance with Camilo.

“5 years ago I am on my honeymoon stage with Camilo. Since we started dating, they told me that this stage was over. (They keep telling me). I don’t think that has to be the case. I choose to always live with butterflies. New butterflies are always born. There are more and more strong. They are different from 5 years ago, but here they are. Every day accompanying our honeymoon, ”he wrote in his publication.

Evaluna assures that he lives a “honeymoon” with Camilo

Camilo criticized for “forcing” Evaluna to sing a song

Camilo wanted to share a moment with his followers with his wife Evaluna. However, followers criticized him, since in the video it was seen how the singer insisted his partner to interpret the song “Favorite”. In addition, the images showed that Ricardo Montaner’s daughter did not want to be a participant.

Camilo shares unpublished photos from Evaluna’s childhood

Camilo used his Instagram stories to post a series of childhood photos of his wife Evaluna Montaner

“Do you want never-before-seen photos of Evaluna?” Wrote the Colombian in his first publication.

Camilo shares unpublished photos from Evaluna’s childhood.

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