Evangelicals Ask Donald Trump To Protect Children And Respect Asylum Law

Miami.- Evangelical leaders of the United States, an important base for the conservative vote that in 2016 supported the now President Donald Trump, urged the Government that he now directs to protect children and respect asylum laws, one of the main assets policies of the current Republican Administration in immigration matters.

In a letter to Chad Wolf, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the immigration agency, evangelical leaders expressed concern about the safety and health of children and families who must remain in Mexico while they wait the processing of your asylum request.

This letter, sent this Friday and to which Efe had access today, was sent the same day that a judge blocked the Trump administration’s measure known as Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), for which the US he returned to Mexico the asylum seekers who arrived at his border while their cases were resolved.


In their letter, evangelical leaders emphasize that children and families who must remain in Mexico have in some cases become “victims of kidnapping, extortion, trafficking in persons and other dangerous situations that sometimes rival the difficult situations of who initially fled. “

The letter also points out the public health risks of children returning to Mexico without being offered flu shots.

The leaders ask the Government to “reconsider” the MPP program, which, in their opinion, is “depleting the resources of Mexican border churches and communities.”

It would be much safer for these families, who would be served by their families and by local churches throughout the United States while waiting for their judicial hearings, “the letter reads.

The letter also highlights the importance of due process for those seeking asylum applications under the terms of US law.

In his opinion, the border can be secured while ensuring that each asylum seeker is “humanely treated and protected from violence while waiting” for the resolution of his request.

Samuel Rodríguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, one of the largest evangelical groups in the country, insisted on this idea of ​​protecting the border while doing the same with those who need asylum, including those fleeing the regimes authoritarians of Cuba and Venezuela.

The Reverend, who participated in Trump’s investiture ceremony in January 2017, said that although not everyone who comes to the border must be admitted to the country, they should be allowed the opportunity to present their case with the guarantees. procedural necessary.

The American Immigration Council said in a statement that about 60,000 people seeking asylum in the US they have been returned to Mexico under this program, to which only asylum has been granted to 263.

White evangelical Christians are one of Trump’s most loyal voter blocs and are expected to support him in presidential elections, although his harsh immigration policies can open a gap that subtracts votes that can be vital in the November elections.

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