Evangelicals Come Out In Support Of Donald Trump

Before the political clamor that an important Christian magazine caused to demand the removal of President Donald Trump, more than 100 conservative evangelicals expressed their support for the president on Sunday.

In a letter to the president of the Christianity Today publication Sunday, the group of evangelicals censored editor-in-chief Mark Galli for writing his editorial against Trump, published Thursday, and described it as a criticism of them and the ruler.

"His editorial offensively questions the spiritual integrity and Christian testimony of tens of millions of believers who seriously assume their civic and moral obligations," the evangelicals wrote to the president of the magazine, Timothy Dalrymple.


The new offensive of the group of prominent evangelicals, including several members of the Trump evangelical advisory board, shows the constant alert among those who support the president that a great fissure in the support of years of that segment of the Christian community could be dangerous for the hopes of re-election of the president.

Although no new anti-Trump wave has emerged among evangelicals after the Christianity Today editorial, the president published scathing tweets Friday in which he accused the conservative magazine, founded in 1956 by the late Reverend Billy Graham, of becoming prisoner on the left.

The letter also included a veiled warning that Christianity Today could lose readers or advertising revenue because of the editorial that refers to the "impeachment" against Trump.

After mentioning Galli's self-description as an “elite” evangelical, the authors of the letter told Dalrymple that “it is up to his publication to decide whether or not his magazine intends to be a voice of evangelicals as those represented by the signers below, and it is up to us and those evangelicals as we decide if we should subscribe, hire advertising with you and read their publication online and in print, although historically, we have been their readers. ”

Among the signers of the letter are George Wood, president of the World Fraternity of the Assemblies of God; Rev. Tim Hill, of the Church of God; former Republican presidential candidate and former governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee; and the former Republican representative of Minnesota, Michele Bachmann.

Galli told the CBS "Face the Nation" program on Sunday, which he considers "the possibility" that Trump is leaving office, "because of a defeat in re-election or a condemnation in the Senate related to The political judgment.

The editor-in-chief defended his editorial and said it was less than a "political evaluation" and not a call to evangelical co-religionists to examine their tolerance for Trump's "moral character" in exchange for the president adopting conservative policies that They are a priority on their agenda.

“We are not looking for saints. We have private sins, current patterns of behavior that are revealed in our private lives in which we all try to work, ”Galli said Sunday.

"However, a president has certain responsibilities as a public figure to show a certain level of public character and public morality."

Galli sent the commentary on Sunday's letter of evangelicals to Dalrymple, who on the same day spread his own strong defense of the anti-Trump text published in the magazine.

In order to counter Trump's suggestion that the magazine had changed in favor of the liberals, Dalrymple wrote that the publication is in fact "theologically conservative" and "does not support candidates."


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