Even Donald Trump Paid a Million: The Large Sums That The TV Commercials Of The Super Bowl LIV 2020 Cost

Less and less is left for the media Super Bowl, in its 54th version of the story. The final at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami will bring fans the definition of American football and a world-class show with the halftime show.

But in addition to sports and music, the Super Bowl is also one of the most important moments of the year for advertising brands. And is that being the most watched event on television this season, everyone wants to appear in the commercial batch in the United States, no matter what it costs.

And the prices have always been millionaires. This year will not be the exception, especially since they are the most expensive ads in history. FOX, owner of the transmission, sold each commercial for more than 5 million dollars for 30 seconds on TV, pocketing about 400 million of the US currency in total.


A totally strategic cost for the companies, but it was not a problem, since a couple of months ago all the advertising spaces were sold.

Food, cars, movie trailers and more will be the variety of offer that will have a space in the Super Bowl, at which time brands and companies wait to launch their most anticipated products, where they have even published up to these announcements.

But not everything will be commercialization, since the US presidential campaign This year will also have its moment. President Donald Trump himself paid for 60 seconds to publicize his re-election campaign this year, meaning about 10 million dollars in money.

The event will be this February 2, date on which all the millionaire commercials will be known.

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