Everton’s Offer To Take Coutinho This Summer

Philippe Coutinho is having a difficult knee recovery and it has been confirmed that he will not play again this season. The midfielder was expected to return to the pitch for the first or second week of April, but it was not possible. The Brazilian has undergone surgery twice since his first intervention and the last one has made it clear that he will not return until next year.

This is a problem for the Catalans, they want to make money with him at the end of the season. The FC Barcelona counted on that the ex of the Liverpool could vindicate itself at the end of the campaign in some encounter to raise its value, but the opposite is going to happen. The ’14’ is being devalued more each day that passes without playing and that will have a direct impact on his possible exit, since there will be no powerful offers for him.

In Europe they know that Barça is crazy to sell to Rio de Janeiro and that they could agree to transfer him down, so the news that the English newspaper ‘The Sun’ has given is not surprising. Everton would be interested in taking over the international ‘canarinho’ this summer, although they do not want to go crazy for him. Apparently, the proposal of the ‘toffee’ would be around 40 million euros.


The current market value of the playmaker is just 40 ‘kilos’, so it really is a more than acceptable offer. The problem is that in January 2018 the Catalans paid 120 million for him and since then they have paid about 20 for goals, for which there are already 140. The footballer, therefore, is not amortized and his departure would not be profitable unless be that it was for an important figure.

If the Catalans agree to sell him for 40 million, they will lose money for sure. Cou’s operation is already ruinous, but selling him for that money would make it even worse. However, the reality is that Barça need money to fight the serious economic crisis in the club and transferring to Rio for this amount could be a lesser evil. In addition, more than 10 ‘kilos’ per salary campaign would go with him until 2023, which is when the contract ends.

Coutinho’s knee, key in his departure

It will be necessary to see how all this ends and if Everton is really willing to pay that money for the former ‘network’. Meanwhile, the player is in Brazil recovering from the operation on his knee and it is not known when he will return to Spain. How he recovers and the state of his joint could also depend on his gait, since no one will want to sign a footballer who is not 100% of his physique.