"Everyone Knew": Sondland Involves Trump, Pompeo And Other Senior Officials In Pressures On Ukraine | Univision Politics News

Democratic congressman Eric Swalwell took advantage of his question time to question Sondland about his relationship with Trump, after the president said he was not a man he knew well.

According to Sondland, although they are not "close friends," they both have "a cordial professional relationship." This is the exchange that both had in this regard:

– You made a donation of $ 1 million for your investiture, right? Asked Swalwell.


– I bought a VVIP ticket (from a very important person) for the inauguration, "replied the ambassador.

– That's a lot of money, right? The congressman asked him.

– It's a lot of money, Sondland acknowledged.

– And then the president makes you an ambassador of the European Union and eventually the ambassador to Ukraine is removed from your post and, as you told us in your statement, you became a key figure in relations with Ukraine. It's a pretty big responsibility, right? Swalwell said.

– Well, I don't know if I said he was a central figure, I said he was one of the people who worked with Ukraine.



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