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There are exercises that will allow you to reduce your presence, accompanied by a good diet and a more active life.

Cellulite is a disease that occurs due to the increase in fat cells that cause compression of capillaries, usually located in the thighs.

This metabolic disease has an aesthetic effect that in turn affects the lives of several people, who avoid wearing different clothes so as not to show the affected area.


There is infectious cellulitis, which is caused by the intrusion of a bacterium that must be treated by a health professional through antibiotics.

Gabriel Salazar, graduate in Training and specialist in Strength Preparation, explained that the mobilization of stored fat must be improved both with exercise and with food.

“Performing one hour of exercise, forty minutes of exercise, and staying in the home environment, again sitting, watching television, eating, biting here, biting here, make them sedentary even if they do an hour of exercise,” he said.

For this you can include bodybuilding, strength, aerobic exercises that complement.

The personal trainer pointed out that both exercise and proper nutrition should be considered at the same time. To control excess calories, those that the body needs to consume fat reserves must be reduced; however, this must be evaluated by a nutrition professional for a specific diet.

Reduce your intake of refined carbohydrates, processed foods, as well as alcohol. In addition to consuming good quality protein.

“If we want to reduce cellulite, we must improve the process of mobilization and oxidation of fats so that they are used as energy. If there is an excess in the consumption of alcohol, your body will prefer to eliminate that excess of alcohol that is in the blood before oxidizing fat “, refers the specialist.

Before starting the training session, a warm-up should be done, mobilizing the joints for five to ten minutes. You can perform ten movements for each joint and add to them, if you have a treadmill, eight minutes of activity.

These are the main exercises you can do to reduce cellulite:

1. Squats Squats are one of the basic exercises to reduce cellulite.

Depending on the situation of each person, the exercise can be carried out in different ways, for example, sitting in the chair; or those who have more experience in physical activity, carrying a weight without having to lean on another object.

“The intensity of exercise should also increase with the condition of the person,” he clarifies.

Beginners: 8-10 repetitions of 3 to 4 sets.

Advanced: 20-30 repetitions of 3 to 4 series.

2. Strides Strides are another recommended exercise to reduce cellulite.

Beginners: 8 to 10 repetitions for each leg.

3. Hip Raise Hip Raise.

This exercise will allow you to strengthen your glutes and you can add weight. Salazar points out that the muscle that works consciously must be contracted.

Beginners: 10-15 reps, 4 sets.

Advanced: 15-20 repetitions, 4 series.

Salazar points out that other more complex exercises can be included through Cardio Hiit. These can be three exercises in conjunction with 30 seconds of execution, 10 seconds of rest, another 30 seconds of execution and another 10 of rest for 6-8 minutes for beginners or 10-12 minutes for advanced.

The sequence is burpees-jumping jacks and knee raises. All of these can be tailored to the individual’s medical conditions. (I)

Gabriel Salazar can be contacted at 0992806863 or through his Instagram or YouTube accounts.