Experts will give lectures three times a week on the pandemic in the United States

Experts Will Give Lectures Three Times a Week On The Pandemic In The United States

Washington, DC – For almost a year it was the Donald Trump show. Now United States President Joe Biden is calling on the country’s leading scientists and public health experts to regularly inform the public about the pandemic that has claimed more than 425,000 lives.

Starting Wednesday, experts will hold conferences three times a week on the status of the pandemic, the campaign to control it and the race to end it with vaccines and therapies.

It will be a sharp contrast to the previous administration’s conferences, when public health officials were repeatedly undermined by a president who did not hesitate to present his unfounded ideas.


“We will bring the professionals to speak out about COVID openly,” Biden told reporters Tuesday. “We will handle your questions like this because science will have the floor again.”

The new conferences, one week into Biden’s term, are intended to be an explicit rejection of his predecessor’s approach to the health crisis.

President Trump took center stage and obstructed the message of experts in the crucial initial days of the virus, eventually gagging them as the death toll mounted.

Biden seeks to recreate public trust in institutions, particularly those of the federal government, with a commitment to deliver the bad news along with the good.

“I will always inform you frankly about the situation,” he said Tuesday, reiterating a central promise from his inauguration speech.

It’s hard to overstate how important this is to Biden, whose success as president hinges on handling the pandemic and the largest vaccination campaign in world history.

Biden wants the exhausted population to resume social distancing measures and the use of the mask, pointing to the scientific models according to which this would save 50,000 lives in the coming months. He has insisted that his government officials be role models for the country.

Those messages had few promoters in the previous administration, to the extent that Trump disdained the advice of scientists. In his campaign events there were few masks and almost no social distancing.

In the weeks leading up to Biden’s inauguration, the United States broke records for cases and deaths almost day by day, as many states re-imposed costly restrictions to curb the contagion, but Trump blocked access to the media for his top scientists and continued. spreading their misinformation.



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