Extraordinary! Antonio Banderas In a New Super Project Will It Be a Success?

Antonio Banderas shared in his Instagram account, the first images of his new film that he made with Penelope Cruz and the Argentine Oscar Martínez.

Antonio He has dealt in person to cause a great deal of agitation in social networks by sharing the first promotional images of what will be a successful movie for what it looks like. Related News “Shooting days. ‘Official competition’ ”, only the famous Spanish actor wrote in his account to leave a few photographs that speak for themselves.

In one of the photos he posted the Spanish

It stands out for the striking change of look of Penelope, who wears a long and curly redhead hair and great sunglasses.The characters consist of an eccentric filmmaker, Lola Cuevas (Cruz), and two renowned actors with very large egos: the Hollywood actor Felix Rivero (Banderas) and theater actor Iván Torres (Martínez).


The film generates a lot of expectation throughout the world for such a cast trio where the artist is a part and this week the shooting began in Spain. The directors are Argentinian Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat.

This is the third film that “The Mediapro Studio” produces with Argentine filmmakers after “My Masterpiece” and “4×4”, two very good feature films of local cinema.