Fabián Coito Clarifies: 'In No Way Are There Immovable Players In The National Team' – Ten

Fabián Coito was precise in his valuations regarding the 1-0 win over Martinique, which was worth the pass to the 2021 Gold Cup and the 'Final Four' of the League of Nations of Concacaf.

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"On the process of the game I think we won deservedly and we could make one more goal, that speaks of we have to be more forceful," he acknowledged with self-criticism.


Accept that "a goal is not advantage" and "generates a nervousness that is transmitted and the opponent is seeing", but still "what we had planned and planned came out."

Coito explained in relation to his squad and the specific case of Bryan Rochez, whom he described as "a more positional player. Regarding the evolution of the team I think we are finding an idea of ​​association, there are young people but we also need the players with experience for these moments of play "in which things get complicated.

He declares himself "satisfied" with the volume of play and believes that, "for a quick analysis" he has "the peace of mind of having kept the arc at zero; the operation has to be consolidated in order, at times we fall into a long team and the game gets complicated, "he warned.

It does not coincide with his experience men since they were nervous: "I did not see it that way, perhaps I have missed a slightly clear occasion, but I do not blame it on anxiety but on realization. That quality is sometimes found and sometimes not" he said critically

Make it clear that "at no time we underestimate the rival," because "the intention was to specify, which we could not do." Around the questioned issue of – 9-, the Uruguayan helmsman of the H pointed out that "no or it is that it worries because it is one of the many things that we must continue strengthening, logically we would like that the '9' will specify the goal actions, but he also has another job within the team such as being the first line of contention, it helps us a lot in the defensive task. "

Fabian Coito came out to those who say that many seem to have their position assured. "In no way there are immovable players, if there are important players; first we only had three changes and the first was to put somebody neat with good possession of the ball (Jonathan Rubio)."

But he prefers to focus on improving, since what he liked was that "we didn't specify the amount of options we had", avoiding individualizing his points: "I'm not going to talk about individual soccer players, I keep that information".

He does not think of Mexico, his hypothetical 'Final Four' contender, because he believes that "it is too early for him to talk about that possibility, we just agreed to the final and it would give the impression that Mexico is a favorite in his group … for that game, there are eight or nine months left, and although we agreed to the final, we continue to acquire points in the Fifa ranking, "he said.

He likes to be affirming new elements such as Denil Maldonado and Marcelo Pereira, also says he is working on promoting flyers such as Jorge Alvarez and Carlos Pineda: "They are young players and they are acquiring that job in the National Team and their club, we have for example a Luis Garrido is currently not competing and we want to integrate it, "he closed.