Fabiola Campomanes: "Congratulations You're Going To Be a Grandmother"

Fabiola Campomanes: “Congratulations you’re going to be a grandmother” | Instagram special photo

The daughter of Fabiola Campomanes, Sofia Campomanes, exploded social networks and, not precisely because of her good attributes. The 27-year-old, announced on Instagram, a message that left her mother frozen. With more than 2000 likes, the girl posted: “Congratulations, you’re going to be a grandmother.”

It should be noted that Fabiola Campomanes was a very young mother, at 19 she gave birth to her little Sofia and, the truth is that they look like sisters. In fact, on other occasions they have talked about the beautiful relationship they have, rather than mother and daughter, they are confident and they like to spend time together.


Is she going to be a grandmother?

The truth is that Fabiola Campomanes, seems everything but grandmother. Not only his charming figure stands out among so much celebrity, also his authenticity and that huge smile that steals the breath of many. No one can deny that Sofia Campomanes also took that side as full of life as her mother.

Apparently, it was just a joke from Sofia, the girl shared that state, because the dress she used in the snapshot, was quite baggy, so much that it simulated a slight pregnancy belly. Which is almost impossible, well, remember that Sofia is also modeling and inherited her mother’s curves, but also a mini waist.

You scared me!! But a mini Sofia would make me happy, said Fabiola.

Of course, a scolding was not saved, Fabiola Campomanes, shared in his stories, the scare that got his daughter.

What’s wrong with you girl? How were you able to write that you were pregnant?

So, very funny Sofia jumped out of bed and said she was dying to see her mother see the publication.

Then he asks if he would not like a grandson and Fabiola clearly says of course not